Wonder Weeks are not Wonderful Weeks

Wonder Weeks are not Wonderful Weeks

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A wonder week is a parenting term that no one really talks about prior to babies coming along, and should absolutely not be confused with terms such as wonderful or wonderful weeks. Because whilst time with your baby is an absolute blessing, wonder weeks are far from wonderful, and can leave some babies fractious, fussy, restless and leave parents sleep deprived and concerned about the sudden change in temperament of this child.

Wonder weeks are sent to try us

If you've not heard of wonder weeks and are a parent to a young child, here's what you need to know:

  • There are 10 wonder weeks in your child's first 20 months
  • These 'weeks' describe a period where you child is taking huge mental developmental leaps in terms of growing their perceptional and sensory awareness.
  • There 'leaps' of growth have a predictable pattern, so if your child is going through a fussy period, this may be a precursor to a wonder week. All children go through these wonder weeks following this predictable rhythm, but timing can be out give or take a week.

  • Here are the wonder weeks to look out for:

    1) 4½-5½ weeks
    2) 7½-9½ weeks
    3) 11½-12½ weeks
    4) 14½-19½ weeks
    5) 22½-26½ weeks
    6) 33½-37½ weeks
    7) 41½-46½ weeks
    8) 51½ -54½ weeks
    9) 59½-61½ weeks
    10) 70½- 76½ weeks

    You should calculate these weeks from your due date, rather than from the actual date of birth.

    Knowing when the wonder weeks will strike will help you deal a bit better with whatever fussiness your child is throwing your way. It can help you understand why your child is off colour, or not themselves. Wonder weeks can last as little as 3 days or as long as a couple of weeks. The good news is, once the wonder week is over, your child bounces back to their previous disposition and a much happier week for all follows. Cuddles and coffee will get you both through the wonder weeks.


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