Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

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Being a mom of a five year kid, I can feel the excitement that kids have for their birthdays. Every birthday for our kids is a moment for us to celebrate the joy of life and having them around with us. It’s also a milestone in our lives to ponder and reflect on what we have done for our kids through the journey. In a way, it also helps in the overall planning for their future.

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Kids love the concept of birthday parties, especially if it’s their own. They look forward to inviting their friends, cutting the cake and enjoying being the centre of attention


It’s my personal view that every birthday of a kid needs to be celebrated. Not only does it excite the kids but it also provides an opportunity for us to express our love towards them.

I can think of some ways to celebrate a fun-filled birthday and make them memorable for the kids:
& #61656 ; Decorate the room at midnight with balloons and toys and surprise them with the midnight birthday celebration.


& #61656 ; Stick some birthday notes all around their room and keep small gifts at different places where they tend to go during the day.
& #61656 ; Prepare home-made cup cakes, cookies and chocolates and send them with your kids to distribute at their school with their friends.
& #61656 ; Arrange a party at home and invite the friends. It is a good idea to involve your kids in making party invitations and letting them invite their friends personally. To suit the occasion, decorate the house with balloons and colorful papers, arrange for pizza and pasta for food. And when the party begins, organize some interesting games and make the event more involving and entertaining.


& #61656 ; Time permitting, plan a trip with family, to a place where they’ve wanted to go and have fun.

It’s also a good idea to teach the kids to donate books, unwanted toys and food items to the charity on their birthday. It would not only help others, but also help get their blessings for your kids.

We must remember that the idea behind all these is for us to take out the time from our daily routine and do something extra, to see our kids smile and recollect the memories, and cherish them, until the next year.



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