Top 10 Tips When Youre Travelling With Your Baby

Top 10 Tips When Youre Travelling With Your Baby

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Babies are gifts from God and so there is a great need to take care of them seriously. They are delicate creatures in the sense that they cannot explain verbally when they are feeling unwell. Instead of talking they just cry thereby bringing much confusion to their parents. Babies are more vulnerable to diseases, and they can also be affected by pollen and other allergens.

For ease of travelling with babies, here are ten tips to assist you:

Travelling by Plane

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According to Aerospace Medical Association, it is important to wait until your baby is healthy and at least a week old before flying to ensure that there are no health problems. A baby could die during long-haul flights due to low-oxygen levels so making sure that your baby has no respiratory problems before you travel is essential. Consult a doctor for advice in case of any respiratory problem.

Health insurance

It is essential to have a full health insurance for the whole family even though it is expensive. Insurance ensures that in the case of an emergency you will get medical attention. There are many countries, for example the US, where you can be refused medical treatment if you do not have proof of insurance unless it is an emergency. When you are traveling within the European Economic Area apply for a free European health insurance card.

MM R vaccination

Vaccination is a very important activity to babies. It helps newborns to counteract diseases such as measles. While traveling to places such as Africa, it is important to vaccinate your baby against measles because it is very common there. It is also much important to check with your GP whether there are any known outbreaks in the area you are traveling to.

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Travel sickness

The area which controls the balance in the inner ear and causes motion sickness is not yet developed in babies under 18 months old, so travel sickness thankfully does not affect babies under this age limit.

Sun protection

Children under a year old should be completely kept out of the sun because their skin is much more sensitive and vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. Make sure your infant wears loose cotton clothing to keep her cool when it is hot.

Emergency advice

Make sure you have a number and the name of the local doctor or clinic where you are staying and make sure you know where the nearest hospital is if you are going for a package holiday. It will help you in case of any emergency.

Food poisoning and breastfeeding

Avoid un-boiled buffet food, food from street stalls and peel all uncooked fruit vegetables. Moreover, if traveling to a place with a dubious sanitation, avoid eating anything that you have washed in local water. This kind of food may affect your baby through breastfeeding.

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Sterilising abroad

When travelling, an easy option for sterilising baby equipment such as bottles is to use a liquid sterilising solution.

Foreign baby food

Check to see which brands of formula, baby food, nappies and wipes that are stocked by the country that you are traveling to. You can also take essential liquid baby food and baby milk on board an airplane.

First Aid

It is useful to have a first aid kit with you and some basic first aid knowledge, in the event of an emergency.

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