Therell be days like this 1

Therell be days like this 1

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I am an avid reader of parenting articles and parenting blogs; I pore over them. I create to do lists based on the fantastic ideas and information that I’ve read. I get inspired seeing the funky bento box lunches and dream of the types of fun things I’ll make for my kids. However, I read these articles at night when the kids are in bed, when this type of fantasy day dream looks do-able, plausible even. However, with the dawn of a new day, reality strikes, and whilst my day will definitely feature some cool, fun and funky elements it invariably isn’t a day I’d be posting on pinterest and alas my kids lunches will never resemble a handcrafted work of (food) art. Because reality is that as a parent, days are busy, days can be chaotic and some days are just down right messy and unpleasant. The parenting articles and magazines don’t always tell you this, so to enlighten you, I'll be sharing some days I've endured, as a light hearted reality check of some of the days you might encounter as a parent to small kids.

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The Day of the Half Dead

No one can prepare you for the sheer exhaustion you might face as a new parent. Yes, you’ll have read about babies that sleep through the night from birth, and yes, you’ll have read about routines that will have your bundle of joy sleeping through in just 6 weeks. However, reality is that due to the miracle of wonder weeks, growth spurts and just plain crankiness, you’ll also get those days when you get up in the morning and you’ll know (because you checked your clock 20 times throughout the night) that you’ve literally had no sleep. And to add insult to (sleep) injury, your baby will be extra cranky to make sure you know that they didn’t have a great night either. This is the time when if a friend or family member offers to take the baby for a while, you let them. Don’t be proud, there’s nothing shameful here; get the extra sleep because chances are you have no guarantee that tonight will be any better than the night just gone.

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