The 5 Love Languages of Children A Book Review

The 5 Love Languages of Children A Book Review

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Title: The 5 Love Languages of Children
Author: Garry Chapman and Ross Campell
Publisher: Northfield Publishing, Chicago
Year of publication: 2012
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Garry Chapman and Ross Campbell write in a way that is personal and simple to understand. The premise of their book is that “each child has his or her own way of giving and receiving love” (2012: 11). These love languages include “physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service” (2012: 20). So, argue the authors, if we, as parents, can identify our children’s primary love language and apply this understanding to our everyday lives, we can help mold our children into happy, secure, and well-adjusted adults.

Chapman and Campbell effectively explore this idea by citing the experiences of real families and demonstrating how we may bridge the gap between feeling love for our children and having our children feel loved.

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Explaining the difference between conditional and unconditional love, Chapman and Campbell insist that extending appropriate unconditional love is the key to unlocking a child’s potential, cultivating within them a healthy self-esteem, and helping them “bloom and bless the world [like a flower] with beauty” (2012: 28).

Metaphors, such as this one, allow readers to grasp the importance of the authors’ message. Similarly, practical pointers help readers translate the theoretical ideas presented by the authors into everyday applications.

As a parent, I find this book to be an invaluable resource because of its readability, its honesty, and its pragmatism.

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