Removing Baby Poo From Clothes

Removing Baby Poo From Clothes

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Stealth ones, smelly ones, side leakers and back shooters are just a few different types of baby poos you will experience once you become a mum or dad. The ones which manage to escape and stain clothes are the worst. For some reason, my baby tends to do these ones just as we're about to leave the house and suddenly we're late again.

Tonights little present involved a bath and a full change of clothes

It might seem an impossible task but it is actually quite straightforward to remove the offending stain. Here's what you will need.

  • Sink or bucket
  • Cold water
  • Stain remover
  • Laundry detergent
  • Hot water

  • The sooner you can tackle the mess the better as it's much easier and quicker to remove the stain if it hasn't had time to fully dry. Even if it has, a little extra time soaking is all that's required. Don't be tempted to stick the clothes straight in a hot wash as the stain will be there forever.

    The oh no moment when you realise you have a leakage

  • Rinse the item of clothing in cold running water, removing as much of the poo as possible. Using cold water in the initial stages means that the stain doesn't set in the clothes.

  • Rinse in cold water

  • Sprinkle some stain remover over the stain and give a good rub. I've experimented and find that the powder often works best as it's easier to give the clothes a good rub with some abrasive action.

  • Always have some stain remover in the house

    The initial scrub with the stain remover should start to remove the intensity of the stain

  • Fill your sink or bucket with hot water and another good dollop of stain remover.
  • Leave the item of clothing to soak until the stain has disappeared. I quite often just leave the soaking to work it's magic overnight.
  • Once the stain has gone, wash the clothes as normal in the washing machine with normal laundry detergent.

  • The washing machine always seems to be on the go

  • If you have a really tough stain and it's not gone on the first soak you will need to repeat the stain remover rub and soak stage again.

  • Clean again is possible

    If it's an old item of clothing, the stain really bad and I'm extra tired, I have been known to pop it in the bin and not think about it again. However, you're bound to have quite a few of these incidents so it's always good to know what to do.

    Do you have any good tips or methods that have worked well for you? You can share your knowledge in the comments box.


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