Product Review Sinchies Food Pouches

Product Review Sinchies Food Pouches

Posted 2014-04-07 by Helenonthesofafollow
If you are fed up with taking a myriad of bowls and containers out with you when you're carrying 'food on the run', then you'll love the sheer ease of using Sinchies food pouches.

The food pouch, making it easier for mums

I recently used these pouches to store home made baby food for my son, and found them perfect for packing into his nappy bag, without the need for cumbersome containers. However, the pouches from Sinchies aren't just designed for baby foods, you can use them for all manner of foods or products. One of my favourite uses of the pouches, is now taking home made smoothies out with us. I can literally just blend my ingredients together, pour into the large pouch and then my eldest son enjoys a healthy drink straight from the pouch when we are out. As a fan of home made yogurt, the large pouches are just perfect for storing what I've made, or for trips out, I can use the smaller pouches for an easy snack; no bowl and no spoon required.

A great little product they also offer in their range is the Sinchies Pop pouch, where you can literally pour fruit juice, smoothie or cordial into the pouch, pop it into a freezer, and create your own easy peasy ice popsicle. Possibly the easiest icy treat to make that your kids will adore.

Easy ice treat

Product Features

Sinchies are free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC and are handy food pouches designed for easy use. They are currently available in 4 sizes:

  • 80ml
  • 140ml
  • 200ml
  • 1 litre
  • Ice Pop Pouches

  • There's also a handy 500ml pouch hitting the range soon.

    They are reusable, washable and are freezer and dishwasher safe. They are the dream product for parents who love taking home made healthy treats out with them for their babies and older kids, but who hate carrying a Tupperware collection in their bag to do so.

    Uses for Sinchies

    As a mum to a baby who is weaning, my first love for this product stems from being able to take my home made creations out with me in an easy container that requires no bowl or spoon, he can simply eat from the pouch if need be. It's easy, it's fast and the convenience factor is a huge plus point. However, since using these food pouches, I've extended how I use this innovative storage pouch to include home made soups, yogurts, salad dressings and pasta sauces. You can even use it for storing or freezing breast milk. The pouches fit easily into my fridge or freezer and I'm not having to constantly hunt for plastic containers and a lid that fits (where do these lids go?). These would be an ideal storage container if you are going on a flight, where space is a premium, but also for camping trips, road trips and any environment where you want to pack your food 'to go'. The website has a great list of other uses for the Sinchies pouch that you can check out here ; I love the idea of using the pouch for toiletries when travelling as finding the right size container can sometimes be tricky.

    I would recommend this product to any parent who enjoys taking home made foods with them for their baby or their kids, and also to anyone looking for a smart way of storing foods and products around the home. If you're invited to a baby shower, and want to bring a gift that's thoughtful, and a little different, these would make a handy choice, and when you order online, gift wrap is free. Sinchies are available to purchase online or you can find out where your nearest stockist is by clicking here .

    This is a great product, with a fantastic range of possible uses, all fusing together convenience and usability just what you need to make life that little bit easier.

    If you're interested, and want to try a Sinchie's Pouch before you buy, click here for more details


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