One gift to rule them all

One gift to rule them all

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Choosing a perfect gift can be considered as more of an art than anything else. Although there are many good or even great gifts out there, not all of them are ideal. Everyone likes receiving a gift regardless of what it is, however everyone has that one thing they would value above anything else. The same goes for your teenager. In order to give him or her, the Christmas of their lifetime, you must get them the best gift possible. Here are some of the ideas for the most creative and universally, most popular presents for adolescents.


{1. Smartphone}

Even though we can claim that we simply cannot uniform the desires of teenagers, getting your kid a new smartphone is usually the right way to go. In order to purchase a next generation iPhone or Samsung, it will cost you an arm and a leg, but when it comes to a perfect gift, this is as perfect as it gets. The best thing about smartphone is a fact that it is a multi-purpose tool, serving as a phone, web browsing device, video game console, camera and many other things. Because of this, it is even hard to observe a quality smartphone as just one gift.


{2. Skywalker}

Another thing that is bound to bring a smile on your teen’s face is a Skywalker. This incredible urban form of transportation shows serious inclination of making both bikes and skateboards completely obsolete. With its robust wheels Skywalker offers incredible stability, and is more than adequate to deal any bumps and cracks one may encounter. Also as a completely hands free, green vehicle it will not only make your kid seem cool in front of his or hers peers but also help them get to school in time. Which means that there will be no more room for excuses.

{3. Portable tennis set}

Never before was making your kid interested in some kind of sport or physical activity as important as it is now. The reason behind this is quite simple. Even from their youngest age, millennials are accustomed to leading a sedentary lifestyle. Most of their previous interests were replaced with more passive ones and portable tennis set might be just the wake-up call they needed all along. By getting them this fun item, you are bound to make them hot for sports and thus encourage them to invest some time in it. Not only will this be good for their coordination and health but for their general mood as well.


{4. Camera}

Although it is true that a smartphone may replace camera (amongst many other things), it might be good to try and show your kid, that there is more to life than practicality. By helping them discover the world through the viewing lens, you will encourage your child to develop their point of view on it. Furthermore, by finding new ways to take a picture of same old things, your child will invest a significant amount of time in developing their own creativity.


{5. Book}

Some may claim that giving their teenager a book is a quickest way to disappoint them, but nothing could be further from the truth. The choice of right book for a teenager , may act in a surprising way and have a great effect on your child’s inner world. By helping your kids broaden their horizons and experience the world as they never did before, you will most definitely do them a great favor. Also, by living lives other than their own, through the eyes of their favorite characters they might also expand their feeling of empathy and understanding for others.
In the end, there are so many great and creative gifts out there and all you need is to try and find them. Surely, your teen will appreciate any effort made on your side, but getting that one right gift may mean so much more. For this reason alone, put some thought in what is that one gift to rule them all, since it will most definitely be worth your while.

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