My Top 3 Little Golden Books

My Top 3 Little Golden Books

Posted 2014-06-23 by Christy Heather Robertsfollow

I love Little Golden Books. Created in 1942 to be affordable and easy for little hands to hold, they were a staple of my childhood reading. I still have many of mine, and I confess I will buy any that I see in second hand shops for my kids. They are Little Golden Books; you know they are going to be loved.
I am going to share my top three favourites – three books that I have had for 30 years and my daughters still love to hear and look at.

1. ‘Colours Are Nice’- by Adelaide Holl

With such an humble title it would be reasonable to assume that this Little Golden Book consists of words and corresponding colours. Not so. The illustrations are bright and dynamic, and the words as lyrical as poetry, celebrating variety and difference, a good book to read after experiencing a new culture or perhaps meeting someone who is different to the people your child already knows.

2. Home For A Bunny – by Margaret Wise Brown.

Margaret Wise Brown is arguably the most prolific and imaginative unsung children’s writer of all time – the writer of ‘Goodnight Moon’, she believed in writing for the children, not the parents. This book is about love and belonging, a nice, cozy little book with comfortable, rhythmic variations on simple words, a great first reading book, with beautiful bunny illustrations.

3. My Home – Renee Bartkowski

This is my favourite kid’s book of all time. It’s so simple, and yet so anti-everything materialistic to today’s consumer society. It is the illustrated acceptance of difference in class and socioeconomic structure, the leveling of different types of lifestyles and the celebration of family that makes this book so appealing for children. In short, this book says “You can live anywhere, have any type of property, but you are rich if you have love.”

So in short, simply because they are a bit dog-eared and tattered, not relating to current TV and available for 10c from Vinnies, don’t discount building up a library of Little Golden Book Memories for your own children, and don’t be surprised when they become more popular than the brand new books you have to spend a good deal of money on!


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