Mummy or Best Friends

Mummy or Best Friends

Posted 2014-04-07 by Jyothifollow
Being a mother of an almost 4 year old seems to be an easy job but not without some challenges in it.

My daughter (soon to be 4) is a playful and happy kid. She has a mind of her own and is quite independent in her opinions in this age.She doesn't like to be bossed about and doesn't like being spoken to in a loud tone. It was tough for me initially because I felt that being a parent means telling and lording over someone on all of the so called DO's and DONT's.

Eventually, I realised that it doesn't work with my child at all. She likes to be treated as an equal to me especially when I am talking to her.

Any question by her needs to be answered on a reasonable basis or else I would be given an unconvincing look which makes me feel as if I need to go to school again!!

But yes, after a few changes in myself and accepting her psychology I now feel that by changing the tone in my conversations with her, she enjoys my company more, likes to talk to me more. She proclaims that " "mommy and me are best friends for ever" and how I wish I could maintain that forever. Coming to me, I guess I enjoy her company more than anyone else now and she is my best coffee shop buddy.

Kids today are growing faster and acquire sensibilities so much sooner than the generation before them. They are exposed to every thing good or bad very clearly around them. There is no way one can put a veil around them to prevent them from listening or seeing something that is not very age appropriate. In this process, they have many doubts, questions popping up in their tiny brains which require attention and careful handling. For this, a parent needs to be the best buddy of their child so that the child can open up and present every single question to the parent. If only a parent could be the best confidant of the child in his growing up years, someone to always go to no matter what. This is a major challenge for parents like me who need to understand that a child is born with their own brain, their own thoughts and sensibilities even though you have given birth to them. Respect needs to be there on both sides. Lets give it first and then we will earn it automatically.

It's very true that building a good society starts at home first.


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