Keeping Kids Safe Around Electricity

Keeping Kids Safe Around Electricity

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It is the wish of every parent to see their child grow into a perfectly sound individual with a successful career ahead of them.

Food, proper safety and good education are some of the important things parents provide for their children.

A safe environment for your child is a healthy environment where he/she will grow and become a responsible individual.

So the first step that should be taken for your child’s safety is to examine your house carefully for any electrical dangers.

Five Places to Look Around Your House for any Electrical Danger are, the Kitchen, Living room, Garden, Bedroom and Bathroom.

Here are some of the more preventive steps to take to ensure your child’s safety.

1. Electrical Shocks

Your child can be in grave danger if you leave the electrical sockets unprotected. Children have a way of sticking their fingers into electrical sockets. If the electrical socket is not installed properly, there is a severe chance of electrical shock.


Electrical shock occurs when the electricity passes through an individual’s body. Electrical shock can result in severe burns and in some cases even death.

RCD protection

In order to reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire inside the socket, install RCD protection either in the fuse box or as a plug-in.

It may be best to engage a qualified electrician for some of these tasks to ensure your outlets are all in good order.

For Safety information and installation here are two good resources: AusGrid and, GKT Group . As always, when in doubt - don't. It is better to engage a qualified contractor than to attempt the work yourself.

These agencies and firms may be able to give you advise on best practise safety measures for homes with young families.

Put safety plugs in all electrical sockets or outlets.

- Do not insert too many devices into a circuit
- Do not overload an adapter as it can cause fire
- Do not let your kids touch electrical appliances with wet hands

Essential Products to purchase for Safety

- Outlet Plugs
- Keyed Outlet Plugs
- Home Fire Safety Kits

2. Appliance Cords

Electrical appliance cords, especially those connected to items such as irons or kettles should be kept out of the reach of children. These cords can cause serious injuries.

Young children often put things such as cords or wires which are lying around into their mouths.


Nearly 70 percent of children die from unintentional injuries like these at home.

Do not let leads or cords from electrical appliances lying around the floor. Never leave an unconnected appliance cord switched on.

Do not let your child play with electrical wires or cords

Essential Products to Purchase for Safety:

- Electric Cord Shortener
- Electrical Cord Clamp

3. Water and Electricity

Electrical shock can occur if water gets into a socket or any other electrical appliance.

Children run straight from the bathroom or swimming pools into the house where there are sockets, plugs and switches.

Any contact of water with electricity can cause a fire or electrical shock. Do not let your child touch any electrical appliance with wet hands.

Essential Products for Safety:

- Bathroom Safety Kit
- Home Fire Safety Kit

Teach your child how to use electrical appliances safely and how to avoid dangers of electricity.

Young children spend up to 70 percent of their time indoors, which is why it is important to provide them with a healthy and safe environment.


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