Introducing Your Family to Corn Toss

Introducing Your Family to Corn Toss

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Want a great game the whole family can play? Try corn toss!

What is Corn Toss?

Corn toss—sometimes called cornhole, baggo, bags, or soft horseshoes--is a large-motor game that is generally played outside. While the history of the game is uncertain (some say it came from England, others claim the US is the origin), the game is slowly—but surely—spreading across the world.

Corn Toss Equipment and Game Play

The game consists of very little equipment: two boards and four bags per person.

The corn toss boards are usually constructed out of wood. The surface measures 122 centimeters long by 61 centimeters wide. There is a hole with a 15 centimeter diameter made in the upper portion of the board. Two legs attached to the back edge of the board raise it so the hole is an easy target to aim at.

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Each player takes a turn tossing four bean bags at the board. The goal is to send the bag through the hole. Points are awarded as follows:
  • Three points for each bag that passes through the hole (whether it was originally tossed there or it slid through)
  • One point for any bag that lands on the board
  • Zero points for any bag that lands on the ground

  • The first player or team to reach 21 points wins.

    Games can be played individually or as a team. Teams consist of two players. Competitors alternate their tosses and rotate the boards they aim at.

    For more specific rules and regulations, check this cornhole guide .

    Why Families Should Play Corn Toss

    If you are in need of a family bonding opportunity (or just want to keep the kids occupied for a while), consider corn toss.

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  • Corn toss involves simple math—addition and subtraction. Keep the kids’ mind sharp without alerting them to the fact they are learning something new!
  • Aiming a corn toss bag at a hole improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Kids can engage in healthy competition and learn valuable lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Anyone can play. The game is simple (there aren’t a lot of complex rules) so even the youngest competitors can join the fun.
  • The game doesn’t take up a lot of space. That means, you won’t have to worry about storage for the equipment when you’re done playing. Slide it under the bed or lean the boards against the wall of the garage.
  • The equipment associated with corn toss is virtually indestructible. You won’t have to worry about losing pieces or replacing broken parts.
  • Injuries are a non-issue with corn toss; even if a kid gets wacked in the head with a bag, it won’t hurt!
  • Corn toss encourages family bonding. The game is fun for everyone and is a great way to entice even the most anti-social family members to the court.
  • Most games are played outside. That means you can get lots of healthy, fresh air.
  • Corn toss tends to draw the attention of those who witness it. Set up the game at a park and let the locals come to you. Play in your front yard and attract the neighbors. No matter where you play, you are sure to make new friends.

  • Getting Your Supplies

    When it comes to corn toss, you have two options: you can build a set or buy one.

    Buying a set is the easiest solution. All the essential equipment could even be delivered directly to your door if you want. Custom corn toss sets are available and can be decorated with anything you want—your favorite sports team, your family crest, or any other design you choose.

    However, buying boards can get a little pricy. Building is more economical—if you have the essential tools and skills. There are lots of online resources that will walk you through the process.

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    Another DIY option is to opt for a less conventional set. You could build a corn toss set out of cardboard boxes . Teach your kids about recycling, have all the fun of a traditional set, and save a few bucks.

    If you’ve never heard of corn toss, now is the perfect time to grab a set and start playing!


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