Importance of Spending Time With Family

Importance of Spending Time With Family

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Let me start with a quote by Aristotle, “Man is by nature, a social animal”.

As human beings we are bound to interact with others. The two spheres of our interaction include the society and our own family. The ‘society’ consists generally of the external people, whom we are not closely related to. The other avenue available for us to communicate is our ‘family’.

Our day to day life, today, is having more elements of interactions with the external people rather than our close family members. There are a multitude of reasons for the same, such as dual-income families, extended office hours, increased travel time to workplace etc. In pursuit of a lavish and comfortable life, our focus is more on our careers. As a result, we find it a challenge to devote time to spend with our family and to communicate with them.

Spending quality time with our family and communicating well with them, not only helps us in expressing ourselves, but also in building a bond of mutual trust within the family. The happier that relationship is, the stronger would be its bond, and the longer it would last.

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In spite of a busy work schedule, there are many ways in which you can ensure that you spend adequate time with your family. I am trying to put down a few of my ideas which could help.

• Having food together- specially sharing breakfast and dinner. During breakfast, we might share the plan for the day of each individual and wish each other luck. The dinner time is more of a time to sit back, relax and share the experiences of the day with family members and also get to know about theirs. I believe strongly that, “the more we share means, the more we care”.

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  • Make workouts a family affair. Take the morning walk with your family or go to the gym with them. This would mean that you start caring for the well being of each other.

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  • Plan for the weekends and the holidays. While the weekdays are for work and the related activities, the weekends ought to be dedicated to our families. We need to keep away from work on the weekends and plan for family activities instead. This could be anything from going to the beach to relax or maybe getting the household groceries for the week ahead.

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  • Engage more informally with the family. You can try things such as watching television programs together. This would promote sharing our views and getting to know the views of our close ones.

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  • Do the chores together. It is a very good idea to involve our children in daily chores. Kids can learn the necessary skills and parents can get some rest. These activities could be utilized to promote family togetherness and having fun.

  • Commit yourself to the special occasions. Make a promise and let your family know that you shall be there on all the special occasions, be it the birthday or a function at your kids school.

  • Make an effort to reach out to the extended family members. Plan an outing to visit the relatives and let this be an opportunity for the family to come together and spend some quality time with each other. If visiting is not an option, I would instead call them and talk frequently.

  • Express your love. Though we love our family, we sometimes do not express it. It is always better to express your love and affection and let the family know about it. And by doing so, we might even get the same, in return.

  • To strike a proper balance between the work commitments and our family, would require additional effort and proper planning. It is imperative that we get to know each other well and complement each other in a family. In my opinion, it is the best investment that we can ever make. After all, in case of any crisis, our families would be the ones whom we would bank upon, for advice and help.


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