How to Throw a Circus Party

How to Throw a Circus Party

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Planning a circus birthday party can be as much fun as attending the party, especially if you love bright colors and over-the-top decorations. So many cute decor items fit the circus theme that it's a great party idea for kids of all ages.


Circus-themed invitations should be bright and fun. Feel free to personalize the invites as much as possible. You can even make up a name for your pretend circus. Be sure to include an RSVP date to ensure that you'll have a definite guest list in plenty of time to personalize items for the party. Including an email is a good idea, as parents are more likely to respond to an invitation if it is convenient for them.



For decorations, you can do as much or as little as you'd like. Big balloons, pennants and stuffed animals are a great start. Place these items all around your party area . Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for each guest to have a place to sit. It's best to cover the tables with bright table cloths and place any personalized items you have made on the tables before the guests arrive so that they know where to sit. Placing an old-fashioned popcorn machine in the corner adds to the circus atmosphere, especially if you can use it to make treats for the guests.


Snacks and Cake

When it comes to food, it's best to think about what people eat when they go to the circus. Having an array of carnival foods to choose from makes snack time fun. You can even have booths set up with an adult at each one to hand out popular foods such as hot dogs and popcorn. Peanuts are a popular circus snack, but it's best to avoid it unless you are sure that none of the guests are allergic.

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Clown cupcakes are a great substitute for traditional birthday cake. They are easier to serve and don't require forks. If you'd like to go a really non-traditional route, cotton candy or candy apples are also fantastic circus-themed treats. Sno-cones or regular ice cream cones can also be served to your little party of circus-goers. Talk to your birthday child well in advance of the party to find out what they would like to serve guests for dessert.

Games and Entertainment

One of the best things about a circus birthday party is the ease of creating games that fit the theme. When planning the party, you need to decide if you'll have all of the kids playing the same game at the same time or not. If you're planning to have several game stations, make sure you have an adult to be in charge of each station. Classic #230638 ">games such as ring toss and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey make great party games. You may also want to set up a photo booth with various dress-up items for guests to take silly pictures with. Don't forget the red noses and bright-colored wigs.

If you're having a large outdoor party, you may want to consider hiring entertainment. A clown, a juggling act, or a face-painter will make your party memorable for the guests and take some of the entertainment pressure off of you. A petting zoo or pony rides also fit well with this theme.

Your circus party should be as individual as your kid. Involving your kid in the planning and decorating stages of the party is a great way to spend time together. This is especially important if your birthday kid is old enough to participate in setting up and decorating for the party.


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