How I Dealt With My Kids Quarrelling Behavior

How I Dealt With My Kids Quarrelling Behavior

Posted 2014-04-12 by Alia Tfollow
As a mother of three, I have often been confronted with the challenge of dealing with the sheer amount of noise my kids make. As soon as they get together, something totally unfair always comes up loudly, according to them. Either they cannot agree on their choice of TV channels or one of them wants to be left alone or whatever silly reason they have to tattle about each other. Being their mother, I cannot seem to find a solution to treat them fairly, without making each other feel less loved. Ambro

As time goes by, my patience reached its limits. Dealing with three hysterical kids has become quite maddening. When it happens, I have had to yell my lungs out to make myself heard over their crying and whining. There are also times when I feel like hiding in the closet until they calm down but I know for sure it is not the best of solutions.

Unfortunately, unlike what we were used to in the past, corporate punishment cannot be applied in today's times. So, I have been trying out some new techniques and one of them has worked really well, though I am still not sure if my kids feel loved equally when applied. As if each time I try to bring them under my rule, it questions my love for them.

  • Most of the time, it is difficult to judge which sibling has provoked the injustice subtly at the first place. In my opinion, it is better not to judge them at all. Instead, make them understand that they have to tolerate each other and respect each other's differences. Teach them the importance of having a brother or sister. This applies to mainly children over 6, those who know about morals and values.

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  • As for little ones, it is better to set an example oneself by showing compassion towards them, though kids nowadays are far more cunning. I don't know why I feel mine easily use his influence over me to have preference over everything.

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  • One thing that you need to avoid at all costs, is to never ever compare them , even worse, compare thrm against each other, as this will create a feeling of jealousy and competitiveness between them. Each child has his own capacity and we, as parents, must love and respect them as an individual.

  • Last but not least, whenever you feel like yelling, just drop the tone and give them a hug instead. You will be amazed by the power of a hug. Even the most difficult child will easily shrug off a constraint and come running into your arms.

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    And if anyone has a tip on how to deal with this kind of challenge, it will be great to hear from you.


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