Handling A Childs Tantrums Effectively

Handling A Childs Tantrums Effectively

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Each one of us, as parents, would have gone through situations wherein our kids throw up tantrums at a public place. When a kids' demands are not fulfilled, they get cranky, making it difficult for the parents to make them understand. At times we lose our patience and start screaming at them, which makes the kids even more volatile.

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Tantrums, are the way that kids express their difficult feelings. In my view, getting impatient is not a good idea, as it can prolong the tantrums of our kids and they may become more stubborn, out of frustration. The better alternative is to make the kids realize, that their demands are unwarranted.

There are many ways to train our kids to refrain from making any tantrums, especially at public places-

  • Learn the art of diverting their mind- Most people advise that ignorance is the best way to react to most of our kids’ tantrums. When the kid is demanding and crying for something which is unacceptable, it is a good idea to try to ignore it. Kids will calm down after some time. But to make them feel better, we could also try and divert their attention on some other subject which is of interest to them. This idea works wonders with me. My son is a great fan of super heroes. Whenever he goes to a toy shop, he makes demands for a toy of his superhero and starts throwing tantrums. Initially I used to get annoyed but later on, learnt to ignore them and divert his attention on other things which make him feel happy, such as his recent visit to a fun park, birthday party etc.

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  • Stay calm- For the first few instances of a kid being unreasonable with their demand, try to stay calm and not lose your patience. Raising our voices or threatening them may stop the kid for a small period of time, but may not address the issue. We must try and understand if there is a reason why the kid is behaving so. It might be very much possible that the kid is tired or at times even hungry.

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  • Be prepared- While taking our kids with us outside, we need to keep ourselves prepared. It can be advisable to keep on hand certain items that can help us in situations when the kids are getting out of our control. It could be candies or even snacks, especially, if the time is close to their mealtime.

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  • Set the expectation before you leave- Before going out, you can even try and set your expectations to your kids and repeat it again to make them prepared for it. Over a period of time, the kids would get aligned to it and the chances of them misbehaving would reduce.

  • Refrain from trying to discipline them physically- This could have negative repercussions on their psychology, more so, if done at a public place.

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    Kids by nature are innocent and they don’t understand about others feelings during their young age. We, as parents, have the responsibility to stay calm in situations when we feel that our kids throw tantrums at us for things that are not fair according to us. It is best to not react instantaneously but rather wait for a good time to let the kids know that the tantrums are not an acceptable behavior.


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