Free 100 Must Have Tips for Beginning Reading

Free 100 Must Have Tips for Beginning Reading

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If you've got kids at home who are starting to begin the reading journey, then you'll love this free download from 'I Can Read', which is literally 100 tips to help your child learn to read. This free guide is jam packed with handy hints that will make your role as a parent so much easier, with lots of ideas on how you can help your child.

100 Tips for Beginning to Read

What's it About

The guide covers all the essential areas for helping your child read and to keep the experience a fun and positive one. There are so many ideas for beginning and improving reading and it starts from the basics of reading aloud to your child, all the way to helping them form connections between what is happening on the page and the letters that form words, and how to pronounce them.

Here are a few examples from the guide:

  • Tip 27: Make flash cards of high-frequency words like
  • “a,” “not,” and “to.”

  • Tip 34: Ask your child what the first sound of the word
  • is, and what word would make sense that starts
    with that sound.

  • Tip 62: Show your child that there are many words with similar meanings. Make a game of collecting
  • synonyms while you are reading together.

    Source: I Can Read, 100 Tips for Beginners.

    How to Get the Guide

    All you need to do to access this fabulous guide is head to the I Can Read website here and follow the steps to download to iBooks or just read as a PDF document.

    What Else

    Whilst you're on the I Can Read website, it's definitely worth checking out all of the other free resources that can help you to assist your children with learning to read, and more than that, to enjoy the wonders that reading a book can bring. There are tips on reading aloud to kids, picking the right books for your child and lots of ideas for your role as a parent. There's a free newsletter you can sign up to, in addition to a host of free activities to enjoy online or to print out for easy fun with your children.

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