Fitspiration for mums

Fitspiration for mums

Posted 2015-07-30 by Sodapopfollow
It has been almost 7 months since my wedding which was 3 months after i gave birth, I was so disappointed looking at my photos and not reaching my weight loss goal that i wanted to get re-married just to have pretty photos!

Now 27 kg loss later i feel better and much more confident and more energetic than before.

It is not an easy task, people will avoid the issue at hand and tell you that you look amazing and that you are glowing, and if you were me 10 months ago 27 kilos bigger than now, no comment would have been better than any encouraging comment.

Like I mentioned in my first article looking hot is the last thing you will feel unless you gave birth in summer. People will constantly tell you the dreaded words "you look good for giving birth not long ago" and "it is all water weight". We all know it isn't especially when you go back and think about what you ate, cookies, ice cream,sticky dates...that added up together did not make water weight, and the first step is to be true to yourself and stop staring at the hot people in magazines or your friends on Facebook that are still living the life, while you are not sleeping and just about to go crazy!

It all takes time, but if you are persistent you will achieve your goal.

looking fit and feeling fit are 2 different things,at the beginning, you will be fit until the results start kicking in and don't give up because it takes time.

Where to find the time for exercise with a baby?

Lets say you're off the hook for the first 6 weeks after giving birth, you need to eat for the health and nutrition your baby needs and it is also good for when your milk starts to come in, the last thing you want to do is disrupt the process, and you will also need to heal from the birthing process.

What kind of exercises to do at home ?

You can start with a simple routine.


3 days a week you will go for a walk for half an hr, it does not have to be a fast walk but as long as you get your body in the rhythm so to get things started.


10 squats a day and the cellulite goes away your bum will thank you for it, but to get started just do it 3 days a week.


10 3 days a week


It is time to go to your nearest store and invest in some exercise equipment, I recommend weights anything over 5 kg is too much, you don't need to push yourself so hard you can injure yourself and delay the process of weight loss.


if you are reading this chances are you have internet and access to a computer, go o youtube and search for yoga sessions or free online yoga classes and for 10 minutes just follow, there is no need for you to join a gym or leave your baby unattended, if you can do it 10 minutes a day it will be a huge difference, but as i said 3 days a week is great for the beginning.


put your favourite music on and when it is time to rock your baby to sleep dance as you do it. The baby will get used to the noise around and will learn to sleep even with the music on and you will get your 10 minutes of exercise.

What to eat?

There are so many dishes out there that are calorie counted but I don't want you to obsess about your weight and weigh yourself every day.

There are many fitness tools you can use

Download "my fitness app"

This is like a food diary which is good to have, you can simply scan your food's tags and it tells you its contents and by doing so you are also keeping track of what you are eating.

Remember, exercise makes 20% of your weight loss but your diet makes up 80%

There are also things like pedometers apps and fitness trackers but for now just stick to the food diary it will help you see where you are going wrong so that you can correct it in the future.

Your new best friends will be;

Green tea, have that at least 2 times a day to cleanse your insides.

Lemon water, drink this all day everyday and keep well hydrated it is also a way to detoxify your body.

Pineapple, it is an antioxidant and it is really yummy!

Boiled eggs for brekkie, full of protein!

Things to absolutely avoid;

Soft drinks, peanut butter, butter, chocolate, flavoured yogurts, cheese.

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