Excellent Hair Care Products Safe for the Entire Family

Excellent Hair Care Products Safe for the Entire Family

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As a parent, it’s obvious that looking after your family is your number one priority and to this end, you only want to use products that are safe for everyone -- from baby to mom and dad.

Luckily, there are many brands on the market who understand this need so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on a different product for every person, every need, and every hair type.


If your family has a wide range of hair types:

It can be hard to know what to buy if you have a range of hair types in your family. Curly hair and straight hair have different needs, as do thick and thin, oily and dry, or frizzy and smooth. But you don’t have to buy a different product for everyone to meet these individual needs. Hair Care products that contain argan oil , like those from MOROCCANOIL, will meet all your demands. Argan oil provides hydration to even the driest hair and gives control and manageability to wild curls and flyaways. And the best thing about argan oil is that it is safe for your baby. It will help reduce cradle cap and hydrate baby’s scalp while at the same time giving the rest of you unbelievable shine . Whether you are looking to buy shampoos and conditioners, or a wider range of styling products, argan oil is your family’s new best friend.


What to look for:

Of course, argan oil is not the only ingredient to keep in mind. Read the ingredients list carefully and look for things your recognize. Avocado, coconut, olive, and sunflower oils will also provide major hydration and protection. Chamomile is an ingredient that will purify your hair and honey will help retain the moisture you are providing. For dry scalps, give products with witch hazel a try. For families that spend a large amount of time at the beach or in the sun, shea butter can help protect your hair from harmful UV rays.


What to avoid:

Looking for natural ingredients seems like a no brainer. Problem is, many labels say they are natural but are anything but. This is where your vigilance and smarts come into play. Learn to read those labels carefully. Right out the gate, take a pass on parabens, they aren’t good for any of you. Propylene glycol and hydrantoin, typically found in baby shampoos, can cause irritation and a variety of health problems.


If you see “fragrances” on the list, be very careful, it means chemicals that are not only disruptive and an unhealthy for babies and children, but can do serious damage to you as well.

Keep an eye out for products containing formaldehyde, sodium laureth sulfates, and 1,4 dioxane. These ingredients are all chemicals, or the by products of chemical processes. They can cause a host of problems from skin irritations to hormone disruption, and may even be carcinogenic in humans.

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