Ergo Carrier Review

Ergo Carrier Review

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If you're looking for a baby carrier which is comfortable, lightweight and versatile, check out the Ergobaby . It deserves the multitude of product awards and tagline "the only carrier you'll need".

The carrier comes in a range of styles and colours and can be worn easily by Dads as well as Mums - as modelled by Orlando Bloom.

We bought an "Original" model for my second baby and loved it so much as a backpack style carrier that we bought a second "Performance" model for parallel use with my older daughter who was 2.5 at the time.

Fantastic for hikes

As the name suggests, the Ergobaby carrier is ergonomical and very comfortable to wear. The child's weight is spread across the wearer's shoulders, back and hips, making the child feel very light to carry. The shoulder straps have plenty of padding for comfort.

Sturdy clip fastens around the waist

Comfortable padding on shoulder straps

The carrier is very lightweight and can be rolled up easily and put into a bag. This makes it great for travel or popping under a pushchair for a day out. For hikes with young kids, you can carry it in a day pack and bring out if the child needs to be carried. It is much more convenient than the large frame hiking backpacks.

Carrier rolls up and can be easily popped into a day bag

The Ergobaby carrier can be used for several years as your child grows. Buy an infant insert and it an be used from birth, wearing baby on your front. My 18 month old son will still have a nap, on my front facing inwards with his legs straddling my tummy. The carrier can take up to 20 Kgs weight and my nearly 4 year old daughter can still be carried comfortably 'piggy back' style on hikes when she gets too tired to walk.
The hood can be opened out of the zip pocket and clipped to the shoulders to provide a head rest if the child falls asleep.

The hood tucks away into the front zip pocket when not in use

Fast asleep on back with hood up

Fast asleep on front with hood up

Makes hikes with a 3 year old easy

The Ergobaby comes in a range of different models and colours. Check out the Comparison Chart here . I would recommend the Original model as great all-rounder. It's made of soft cotton which is ideal if you are planning to use it for naps out and about. The Performance model is lighter weight with a more breathable fabric and is great if you are planning to do lots of walking.

Soft cotton Original carrier


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