Best Ways to Fight Lice

Best Ways to Fight Lice

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Now when the holidays are over and your child is in school again, don’t be surprised if he or she comes home with a bunch of nits in hair. These little nuisances will not cause permanent health problems, however, they need to be treated instantly. If you are wondering what to do, stay with us. Here are some of the best ways to fight lice.


• Are Lice a Major Health Problem?

No, they are not, since the only real symptom is that they make kids’ head feel itchy. However, lice are a significant issue nowadays, simply because of reactions to them. The problem is following: health authorities in some countries, including Australia, America and Canada, have very strict zero tolerance strategies which say that infested children have to be sent home and not allowed back to school until they have been deloused. Such strategies can cause numerous problems, simply because millions of children are treated unnecessarily, plus the fact that millions of school days are lost annually. What is even more important, such a policy causes serious psychological problems for children in the first place.

• So, How to Treat Lice in the Best Possible Way?

The greatest harm to children’s health is misguided use of toxic substances to eliminate the lice. There are so many over-the-counter products that are available for treating this issue, however, many of them are too aggressive because they contain different kinds of hazardous substances. The good news is that there are treatments that do not include insecticides, and therefore are far less harmful. These work in the following way: they coat the lice, thus preventing them from getting the needed amount of water to stay alive. Since they are not insecticides, it is unlikely that the insects will evolve resistance to it.

• Traditional Ways of Fighting Lice


A high-quality organic shampoo, in combination with an appropriate comb, are always a good way to go if you would like to get rid of these little intruders. If you already haven’t, you should definitely try Alive skin and hair line of products that feature kid-friendly shampoos which are designed to prevent and treat the hair, scalp and skin issues that affect children. An eco-balanced formula aids in the removal of head lice and their eggs. Besides that, one of the safest methods of dealing with them is combing – that will physically remove the insects from your kids’ skin. It is particularly effective in combination with a lubricant, and the aforementioned shampoo can serve that purpose.

• Alternative Ways of Fighting Lice

One research conducted in Toronto showed that a mixture of 20 drops of white vinegar, 20 drops of tea tree oil and the same amount of any edible oil does the trick. It should be applied onto damp hair, and then massaged in and combed. Besides that, a combination of coconut oil, ylang ylang oil and anise oil is extremely effective, which showed one experiment in Israel. Some of the ingredients that didn’t work out were mayonnaise, vinegar, olive oil and butter, so you should definitely avoid them while trying to prepare home remedy for this issue.

As you can see, lice are not a major health problem , but they can really cause discomfort and maybe even embarrassment in kids, especially those who go to school already. What is most important is for you to be patient and persistent, since this is not a problem which can be successfully dealt with overnight. Just skip the chemical products – use their organic counterparts instead, and everything will be just fine.


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