A Parents Guide to Buying Glasses for Teenagers

A Parents Guide to Buying Glasses for Teenagers

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Buying Glasses for Teenagers

Wearing glasses used to be a big deal - and not in a good way. “Four eyes, four eyes,” the schoolyard bullies would chant, resulting in lots of tears or twisted frames and shattered lenses.

These days, though, wearing eyeglasses is anything but uncool. Thanks to the rise in hipster culture, glasses that look decidedly like glasses with dark frames and square shaped lenses are an obvious accessory to pair up with skinny jeans and an American Apparel crewneck.

But even if your teenager is so over the whole hipster thing, you can still help them get into fashionable, stylish eyeglasses they’ll love to wear - and bonus points for seeing clearly! How do you do it? Here are a few tips for helping your picky kids choose their own eyeglasses.

First of all, make sure you let them make up their own minds. We’ve all been there - attempting to select an outfit for the most important night of the year while our moms pluck hangers off the racks and press clothing options against our bodies. And how did that work out for you? Most of us probably still have muscle strain in our foreheads from the dramatic eyerolls.


The same will be true for your kids. So, before setting yourself up for a situation in which you will not win, have a conversation about guidelines.
Set a limit on the price, to prevent them from falling in love with that to die for pair of designer shades that’ll cost about the same as a year of college.

Talk, as well, about practicality. If your teenagers need to wear their glasses during sports like tennis or golf, they’ll need durable and long-lasting frames, while simple reading glasses should be lightweight and easy to slip on and off.

Fashion should also be discussed. What styles are your kids into and what are their favorite colors? They might love those giant purple John Lennon throwback shades on Instagram right now but you’ll probably want to ask them if they think they’ll be digging them as much in a year.

After making sure you are all on the same page about this purchase, head on over to the Bailey Nelson boutique to start that all-important search for the perfect pair.

Then, while they are perusing the merchandise, keep a few feet back and focus on your own business - sip a cup of coffee, try on a few pairs of sunglasses, read a newspaper. You’re there if you’re needed (like to pull your wallet out of your purse) but otherwise you’re leaving it all up to them.


Soon, with all that great pre-work you’ve done, you’ll no doubt be proud of the pair they choose. And rather than have to fight with them to wear them, they’ll love slipping them on because they’ll be glasses that fit their style and feel good. And better vision for your kids, not breaking the bank, and ending up with a quality-made pair of lenses and frames with included perks like anti-scratch and anti-glare lenses all add up to bonus parent points.

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