7 12 Ways to Teach Your Young Ones To Never Forget Brushing Their Teeth

7 12 Ways to Teach Your Young Ones To Never Forget Brushing Their Teeth

Posted 2016-04-26 by karenfollow
Dont forget to teach your children the importance of brushing

Getting your kids to remember to brush their teeth can be like pulling teeth. No matter how many times you remind them, they always seem to “forget.” Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and there is hope. Follow these tips on how to teach your young ones how to remember to brush their teeth.

#1 : Set an Alarm
Most children of all ages have a tablet, iPod, or for some, a smartphone. They have an alarm, so use it to help them remember it’s time to brush their teeth. Set two alarms to remember in the morning and at night.

#2 : Provide an Incentive
Kids will do amazing things when you give them something they really want as a reward. Come up with something they will flip for, and you’ll see them instantly remember to brush their teeth.

#3 : Mark a Calendar
Set up a calendar near the bathroom where they brush their teeth. It’s best to have it in a place where they have to pass by it when they enter and leave the bathroom. Every time they brush, they should put a sticker on it. The idea is to get AT LEAST two stickers a day.

#4 : New Brushes and Toothpastes
Children want to use new, fun toys and that includes toothbrushes and toothpaste. Find ones they will be attracted to and they may just be more motivated to brush their teeth.
If you’re stuck for ideas , try the musical ones or the ones they have decorate themselves. Toothpastes come in many different colors and flavors, so choose a few different ones. Crayola has toothpaste out that kids can use to decorate their toothbrush with different colors of toothpaste. It’s coloring and brushing, which can be a good time for some kids.

#5 : Show Them the Grime
Children don’t think about brushing their teeth as much as adults because they don’t realize their teeth are disgusting when they don’t do it. You can help them understand by purchasing mouthwash that turns teeth a certain color when they are dirty. This helps kids get the grime off their teeth too because they know where to brush.

#6 : Make It a Family Thing
You’re brushing your teeth, so why not join them. Every morning and night, march into the bathroom and declare that it is teeth brushing time. Make it fun by playing a song and dancing while you brush. You may want to make weird faces while you’re doing it too. Your kids will love the time spent together and it will be a memory that lasts for years while reminding them it’s time to brush their teeth.

#7 : Make a Reminder Bracelet
Purchase beads from your local craft store and spend time with your children making reminder bracelets. They will wear the bracelet as a reminder to brush their teeth. Every night after brushing they will put it somewhere by their bed, so they remember to put it back on in the morning to remind them again to brush.
If possible, get some beads with letters on them. You can then spell out T-E-E-T-H on the bracelet for an extra boost of reminding power.

The Half Tip All Parents Should Know
Patience is a virtue. As much as you try to get your children to remember to brush their teeth, sometimes it just takes time. Try these tips and move forward with your children. Congratulate them on brushing and then encourage them when they forget. With time, it will become habit and you won’t have to be on them as much anymore.

About The Author: Karen Simpson is a freelance writer, dental hygienist, mom blogger passionate about staying active and healthy. Her writing passions include: overall health and fitness, and love of researching topics surrounding dental health, life long nutrition, and how to help parents living their busy lives. Informational credit to Dr. Stevens at Riverside Dental. Follow Karen on: Twitter | Linkedin

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