6 Ways Your Teenager Is Like A Big Toddler

6 Ways Your Teenager Is Like A Big Toddler

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I have a teenager. At least, I think I have a teenager...some days I realize that I have just gone full circle and ended up with a toddler again. Anyone who has dealt with both knows that there are sometimes few differences between the two. They even seem to be learning many of the same lessons , in different scale.

Don’t believe me? Here are six ways teens are pretty much a giant toddlers.

They Sleep At All Hours (Or Not At All)

Teens need a lot of sleep , and boy do they get it. Your marvel as your child spends all day in bed, going through the summer without leaving their room before 3 PM most days. Which is probably because they were up until 5 AM playing Minecraft.

You want a nap just thinking about it.

They Love Their Loud, Flashing Toys

When your kids are younger they have so many toys that you are literally tripping over them. Now that they are older there are fewer of them, but the gadgets have gotten a lot more fancy. Smartphones, consoles, computers, tablets...they have to have them all.

The second a new one comes out they are immediately asking you to buy it. Only it isn’t a $20 Transformer, it is a $700 Samsung. Don’t you miss stepping on Legos?

They Want All The Attention

Your teen seems to think the entire world revolves around them. Any time they have a problem it is the end of the world. They don’t care if you are busy, they want you to pay attention to them right then. If you don’t then you obviously don’t love them.

Teenagers have an underperforming area of their brain that relates back to empathy and higher thinking. This means they have not yet learned that they aren’t the center of the universe.

They Are Moody and Grumpy

Teens face quite a bit of anxiety and hormonal changes. That, coupled with erratic sleep and possibly too much exposure to screens can make them even grumpier than they were as toddlers.

Don’t worry, that phase will pass. Eventually. I hope.

They Never Stop Eating

Remember when you used to think that your child’s Cheerio habit was out of hand? Well it is nothing compared to now. Your teen never seems to stop eating, yet never gains an ounce. What is going on? How are they doing that? Where is it going?!

Better learn some cheap recipes because they will eat you right out of house and home.

They Stink

You know it is true.

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