5 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash as a Stay at Home Parent

5 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash as a Stay at Home Parent

Posted 2014-02-20 by Helenonthesofafollow
Theres lots of ways to make some extra cash being a stay at home parent

As a stay at home parent, there are invariably times when some extra cash would come in handy. Perhaps Christmas is coming up, or you'd like to plan for a family holiday; finding ways to earn a little extra money whilst still maintaining a stay at home balance can be very useful.

Dependant upon your skill and experience base, there may well be possibilities for you to utilise what you already know and base yourself at home to carry out your work whilst the kids are napping, or in the evening when they are in bed. It's a good idea to check out what jobs are available in your local area that might match your current career expertise and knowledge. You can look online in the sites dedicated to working from home employment, scour the local papers and places like Gum Tree can also be handy in terms of looking for work, but also placing a free advert yourself saying that you are available.

However, some occupations just do not lend themselves well to working from home, and many stay at home parents will need to consider doing alternative roles to what they have previously done. Here are a few ideas for jobs that you could do from home, with little or no experience.

1. Surveys/Market Research.
There is very little experience required for this, but there are lots of companies out there who will pay to hear your perspective on things. Filling out online surveys is an easy way to earn some extra dollars, without having to make much effort at all. Surveys pay anywhere from a few cents, to $5-10 a survey. For some of the more detailed market research surveys, there may even be an opportunity to take part in a focus group, and the pay for these is much more generous, upwards of $50 for a couple of hours of your time. Look for reputable survey companies for example Stable Research, Rewards Central and Your Opinion.

2. Ironing
This one will require some effort on your part, and should definitely be avoided if you don't like ironing. For a Mummy friend of mine, who oddly enjoys ironing, this has been a great little money earner for her. She posted an advert in her local shop, and charges $15 an hour for ironing. Her little one still sleeps every day for about 2 hours at lunch, so she will regularly make about $100 a week. This paid for her last family holiday and also helps out with Christmas gift buying. There is some set up required with this, as you'll need a good quality iron and some storage space for the clothing that is dropped off for you. But after that, you're on to a winner.

3. Writing.
Ever fancied trying to write articles. If you're a stay at home parent, you are perfectly qualified to write for Parent 101. All you need to do is submit your application to become a writer, and you can be submitting your first article within 24 hours. Your articles can recieve awards ($) in addition to each article earning you money based on its readership. Away from Parent 101, the internet is filled with opportunities for writers on blogs, on review sites, or perhaps whilst being a stay at home parent, this is the perfect time to penn your first novel.

4. Mystery Shopping
So, you're a stay at home parent, but you still need to get out and about, and by doing mystery shopping you can get paid whilst you do it. This is a great little money earner, with jobs paying around $5-20 a time, and you can normally do a few different jobs on your outings. Better still, for some of the jobs you might get a free meal thrown into the rewards, or some free shopping. Look for reputable companies such as Mystery Shopper and Mystery Customer.

5. Typist
If you've previously been a typist or have an excellent typing speed, there is plenty of at home work for you. Normally as long as you have access to the internet and a computer, you are good to go with no additional outlay. Particular experience such as experience in the medical or legal field will guarantee you additional $$ per hour. This is a great one for when kids are in bed and you just tap away on your key board earning dollars whilst you do.

Dependant upon your skills, there are a variety of other genuine ways to earn some extra money whilst staying at home. Roles such as translator, virtual assistant, virtual concierge and customer services roles can often be done at home too, but some basic skills or experience may be required.

As with most things in life, where there are genunine opportunities available, there are also genuine scams out there. There are lots of companies that advertise business opportunities specifically for stay at home parents, and a lot of these need to be given a wide berth. If you are asked for money upfront you should generally be wary, and be certain about what you are indeed paying for. There are a number of good set up businesses for stay at home parents, where you can become a demonstrator or party planner for companies such as Avon, Enjo, or Tupperware etc but be cautious about what is actually being offered to you. Google company names to find out more about them, and look out for reviews from people who might have been scammed.


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