10 Morning Sickness Remedies Top Tips

10 Morning Sickness Remedies Top Tips

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Morning sickness is reported to impact over half of all pregnant women. For me, the term morning sickness was putting it mildly with the sickness lasting all day (and night). For many it will calm down by the end of the first trimester, but it can make you feel pretty rough during what is otherwise a really joyous time in your life. Here are a few remedies which you can try if you are suffering with morning sickness.

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1. First thing
Wake up slowly, and try not to rush out of bed. A friend of mine put a biscuit out on her bedside table so that she would have something to eat as soon as she woke up. She relied upon increasing her blood sugars to starve off morning sickness.

2. Foods
You'll quickly work out if you have any triggers that can bring on morning sickness symptoms. Avoid foods that make you feel sick and this can include drinks such as coffee too. The smell of certain foods can be sufficient to turn your stomach, so work out if you have any triggers and stay clear.

3. Eat Little and Often
Many swear by eating little and often throughout the day rather than having three large meals. By doing this, you are keeping some food in your tummy, as this will reduce the risk of you feeling nauseous. Some foods seem to counter the effect of morning sickness more than others, so find out what works for. Bananas, which are rich in potassium, were a great morning choice for me, and whilst I was at work salted pretzels to snack on were ideal.

4. Travel
Morning sickness can often be made worse when you are travelling. If you are on public transport, sit near a window so that if you feel queasy, you can at least open the window to get some fresh air. If you are in a car, and you aren't driving, ask if you can sit in the front as this tends to lessen the effects of motion sickness. Trains are not a great place for morning sickness, but you can benefit from sitting down, taking frequent sips of water, and snacking on a cracker or biscuit. It's not pleasant to think about being sick whilst out in public or on transport, but I would also recommend popping a sick bag and some facial wipes in your handbag, in case the worst case scenario does occur. This is based on a personal experience of being very unprepared and having to be sick into my favourite handbag; it's better to be safe than sorry.

5. Ginger
Many people swear by the anti nausea properties of ginger, and as it comes in several formats, it's worth giving it a try. You could opt for ginger biscuits, crystallized ginger, stem ginger or even a swig of ginger beer.

6. Smell something sweet
When you are pregnant sometimes smell can trigger sickness. Be prepared for this and carry something in your handbag that you can smell when you want to distract your senses. This could be something simple like a lavender hand cream that you can whip out whenever your nose comes across an unpleasant smell. For me, cigarette smoke in a street made me instantly nauseous, and by having something much more pleasant to distract me, I could keep my nausea at bay.

7. Stay comfortable
It's important that you don't constrict your tummy in tight clothing so loose light fitting wardrobe choices are a must. If you are at work, try to sit in a comfortable position, and consider using a foot rest so that your body is at least comfortable. Postures and clothing that restrict your body's movement or put pressure on your tummy will add to your general feeling of sickness.

8. Fresh air
If you work in an office, or if you are pregnant and stuck indoors a lot, get out and breathe some fresh air whenever you can. This is not only a relaxing thing to do, but the fresh air can help abate the feeling of morning sickness.

9. Stay busy
Don't dwell on the fact that you are feeling lousy; try to keep your mind focused on other things. Keep distracted so that your mind stays busy. If you think about being ill, you invariably will feel worse than you actually are.

10. Seek help
Finally, if your morning sickness does reach untold proportions and you're not able to keep food down properly or stay hydrated, then do seek help. Morning sickness can become a serious issue if it becomes an all day, every day occurrence that prevents nutrients entering your body. Let your doctor know how you are feeling, so that a course of action to help you feel better can be agreed.


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