10 Ideas for Kids Party Bags

10 Ideas for Kids Party Bags

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Lolly bags, loot bags or the humbly known party bags are what many kids look forward to at the end of a children's party. In their most common format, party bags are given out to guests when they are leaving the party and often contain a myriad of sugary confectionary and plastic paraphanelia.

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Some party bags I've seen are really thoughtful and clever, with some parents providing a party favour rather than a bag of bits and pieces that frankly often end up in the bin. A nice party favour need not break the budget either. Here's some wallet friendly ideas for party bags or party favours ready for your next birthday party:

1) Bubble Wands - available at your local dollar store, you can have a wand for each child and could add a sticker with their name on to personalise the favour.

2) Home Made Cookies - give each child a home made cookie in keeping with your party theme. My son received a fire engine cookie after going to a Fireman Sam party and this was his favourite party favour to date. If you're not particularly a fan of baking, then you could stick to simple gingerbread which once you've popped into a cellophane bag and added a ribbon look very effective.

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3) Water Pistols - For Summer parties, these make a great party favour. Try your local dollar shop for a great value toy - the $1 pistols from Kmart are a great option.

4) Home Made Playdough and a cookie cutter. Make a huge batch of playdough and then divide up into portions for each guest. Pop into a sealable cellophane bag along with a cookie cutter, and you've got a home made party favour that your guest can play with long after the fun of the party has finished. You could also use a small jar or decorated plastic pot as a storage idea.

5) A sticker book or a sheet of stickers to match the party theme. Another option in this theme would be a colouring in book. These can be found very cheaply at your local dollar shop, or you could make your own by printing out some free printable sheets and binding them together with card. You could even personalise or decorate.

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6) Themed Gift - if you're throwing a Frozen party then you could think of a 'DIY Snow man kit' or for a car party how about a small Matchbox car for each guest.

7) Soft toy - for a 1 year olds party, you could give out a favourite animal soft toy in lieu of a party bag. Kmart and Ikea have a great range of cheap soft toys that are perfect for this.

8) Craft - depending on the theme of the party you could have a craft table where kids could actually make their own party favour. Easy ideas are badge/button making, fairy wands, butterfly wings, T shirts, bags or a plant pot. There is no limit to the craft that you could do and kids would then get to take home something that they have made.

9) Cup cake - if you're on a budget then a decorated cupcake in a pretty cellophane bag makes a great party favour.

10) Donation - instead of a party bag you could send each child home with a balloon and on the balloon write a label to say that you've made a donation to your favourite charity instead of a party bag.

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