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Weight Loss After Pregnancy - My Journey

by Sodapop (follow)
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25 kg weight loss in 6 months

As a woman and a new mum I have always been conscious about my body and I have seen a lot of friends go through it too. My biggest fear was to gain weight and during pregnancy it was unavoidable.

I gave myself the right to eat just about anything and with that I had lost my principles. I had gained 25 Kg and on my last visit to the doctor I saw the numbers on the scale and it was a big round number, 100 Kg. I've never cried so much in my life.

My family always told me that I looked beautiful and that I had to eat for two, when that really wasn't the case. I went on websites that would give me a pregnancy weight calculator, to tell me how much I was meant to gain and by then it was too late, I was 8 months pregnant and could not lose the weight because of my baby and was not meant to gain any more.

Friends cheered me up and said "don't worry you will lose at least 3 Kg from the baby, a kilo of placenta, a kilo of water..." When I came out of the hospital I was 94 Kg...and nothing changed a month later.

I felt really uncomfortable with myself so I made some funny photos and put them on Facebook to show my friends I didn't care and it was all part of a healthy process.

trying to be funny...

A vegetable market was my new Woolworths, I bought all my food raw and made it from scratch. I still ate a lot so that I would have enough breast milk for my baby but it was healthy food.

Food glorious food

My wedding was also 3 months after I gave birth which gave me extra motivation as I had a goal but I didn't exactly succeed by then.

From then on when I looked at the photos I cringed at the sight of my huge gut and strict changes were in order. Here's what worked for me.

Wedding photo 3 months after giving birth

Step 1 - The number one way to lose weight is to ditch the cheese (not all dairy, just cheese), and all sweet products must go too.

Step 2 - Drink green tea 3 times a day after meals.

Step 3 - 20% of your weight loss is because of exercise, 80% is your diet, so a walk with your baby for 20 to 30 minutes a day is all you need!

Step 4 - Eat lots and lots of colourful veggies! (Soup will be your best friend this season and if you have no clue how to make one, boil a few of your favourite veggies and blend them, add some salt and pepper and voila'!)

My favourite dishes were salads with cous cous, just add chickpeas, corn, onion, celery, rocket and some sliced chicken breast, some apple cider for flavour and that is a really quick mummy lunch and dinner!

The safe way to do a diet is to make 5 dishes you know are low calorie and just repeat them. This is what helped me out the most.

What were your secrets to weight loss after pregnancy.

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