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Through the eyes of our children.

by craftielf (follow)
Love, Laughter & Light..... Craftielf <3
Child Safety in the home.

Child safety is no laughing matter, just when you think you have child proofed your home, those gorgeous little cherubs find something else to get into. Itís like they just know exactly where to look to find mischief. Kind of like secret mischief school for kids or something.

Have you ever wondered what it is your child/ren are actually looking at? Why they find things so fascinating.

Child Safety
You need eyes in the back of your head with kids around

I actually decided to try and find out what these cherubs see from their level. Just to get more of an understanding as to how else I could effectively child proof my home.

There were 2 small children at home with me, my toddler daughter and baby son who had just started crawling and pulling himself up.

So, in order to see from the kidís perspective, a day was spent literally down at their level, on my hands and knees. Following them around, yes it was a wonderful game. While crawling around with the kids for the day, I discovered little hiding places. Under the cushions in the lounge, behind the TV unit, behind the lounge, under the mat, and the ever so awesome TV cabinet.

The TV cabinet I had at the time was a low line cabinet so the kids were able to easily access the DVD player and stereo. Not to mention the pretty lights that flash and change colour. How fascinating, I sat back and watched the kidsí faces as the TV was turned on and the channels changed and as the DVD player went from standby mode with the red light to on with the green light flashing before the solid green light stayed on.

Then when they go over to explore the pretty lights, there is the noise that the box makes when they hit the player to see what it isÖthis is the way all children learn, through exploring and trying different things out.

They donít realise that these items are run by electricity and may give them a zap, or be broken easily. Remember the good old VCR players? Pretty sure almost every family has stories of what toys or items have been found in the family VCR player.

The kitchen is usually the heart of the home, when you are down on the childís level there are so many things in there that are just so fascinating, there are all those things that mum and dad go to the cupboards for.

When we stop and think about it, the main cupboard would be the pantry, closely followed by the cupboards under the sink.

Unfortunately this is where a lot of poisonings occur, the kids are completely unaware that those liquids and powders under the sink are poisonous. They see their carers going to those cupboards, their understanding of why has not yet kicked in yet so they think itís a great place to explore.

Another thing I remember from when my 1st child was very young was the importance of turning pot handles inward or at least away from hanging over the edge of the stove. Kneel down at the kidís level and see how tempting it is to reach up and see if youíre tall enough yet to grab the handle.

If you are expecting a new addition to your home, why not do a child safety checklist Google search and see what you can find to help you get started.
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