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The Importance of Keeping Your Kids Hydrated

by lillian connors (follow)
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Water is undoubtedly an essential element that enables normal functioning of our organism, and it’s no surprise since around 70% of our body is basically water content. Although most of us tend to remind our kids to stay hydrated, we often don’t have all the details. To satisfy your inner curious cat and provide you with the answers to the extra questions your children may ask, we researched what benefits water brings to the kids.

Banish the toxins
Every single one of today’s cleansing diets prescribes a significant consumption of water. This extraordinary liquid helps us get properly detoxified by ousting the toxins out of our system. The actual process is carried out via sweat and urine. For example, a clear, pale yellow urine is a good sing. Considering the pesticides we may find in our food, it’s advisable our kids drink plenty of water to oust these nasty chemicals.

Energy boost
Children are most commonly very active throughout the day, which means they need loads of energy. When we skip on water and get dehydrated (=the thirst), our motoric abilities and energy levels are at minimum values. This consequently results in lethargy and exhaustion. Encourage your younglings to drink it frequently so their organs and muscles would work at full capacity.

Healthy skin
Although kids are very young and their skin is naturally soft and elastic, it’s never early to start with the good core habits. The renowned aestheticians and dermatologists both agree on one: water is essential for the proper skin care. To ensure your youngsters will have impeccable complexion and less pores and wrinkles in the following decades, teach them to replenish their dermis on time and take water regularly.

Immune system
A weakened immune system is nightmare of adults and kids alike, and thankfully, water can help us recuperate. The studies have shown that low water input makes us more susceptible to numerous illnesses. Doctors advise we should drink at least 500ml of water a day, while around 2l would be optimal.

Burn the extra weight
More and more children today are afflicted by the obesity and excessive weight epidemics, and we’d like to pinpoint the water’s weight loss potential, too. The takeover of the video games at the expense of good old outside playtime is taking its toll. On top of it, unhealthy meals available in schools and everywhere around them are not helping our little guys. Simple water or unsweetened lemonade can flush the fat derivatives and rev up their metabolism.

Improved musculature
As more and more children are taken up by the inside pastimes, their muscles are getting somewhat weaker. This means they will be less prepared for sports and other more demanding physical activities. Water excels in this too since it reportedly enhances our stamina and overall performance. This is rooted in the fact that 75% of the cartilage and muscle is actual water. Simply put, less water means more muscle pain.

Brain power-up
Your kids are not doing so well in school lately? They fail to study due to poor focus and intermittent headaches? You may want to look for the cause of the problem in the amount of water your child drinks on a daily basis. Chase away the awful side-effects of dehydration (dizziness, impaired cognitive abilities) and teach your kid to sip on water throughout the day.

Positive mindset
Linked to our previous note, the precious life-giving liquid is also inducing a better mood in general. The lousy physical state gets replicated in our mind as a grumpy and melancholic disposition. To evade the sullen and edgy behaviour in your schoolchildren, make water consumption an obligatory task.

Perfect digestion
It’s well known that kids tend to much their food hastily and that can lead to disturbed bowel-work. Our digestive tract is demanding ample amounts of water to simply get started. Now, with all this water consumed, how we do to ensure its quality? The installation of a top notch tap-water purifier will not only efficiently capture bacteria and all the other potentially harmful elements, claim Sydney-based online retailers of water filters, but also represent a more affordable, eco-friendly alternative to buying bottled water.

If you’ve never been troubled by your kid’s water intake, maybe these nine good reasons will change your mind and provide a solid insight into its benefits.

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