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Superhero Parties on a Budget

by helenonthesofa (follow)
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Image: http://marvelkids.marvel.com/

Superheroes seem to be all the rage these days, with new films and cartoons coming out every year with toys and costumes to match that kids can't get enough of. If you've got superheroes in your home, then chances are you'll be receiving requests for a themed party the next time their birthday swings around. But don't worry, birthday parties don't have to be super priced. Here's some hints on keeping the cost down:


Stick to a couple of colours rather than paying over the odds for character merchandise. Perhaps choose one superhero, and use that as your colour theme. Ask your birthday boy or girl who their favourite super hero is and go from there. All you then need to do is get a few items in that colour to bring all the theme together, such as balloons, streamers, plates and table cloths. Here's some ideas:

Spiderman: Red and Black
Batman: Black and Yellow
Iron Man: Red and Yellow
Superman: Blue and Red
Incredible Hulk: Green

Featuring superhero captions from Meaningful Mama

We love these free printables from the wonderful Meaningful Mama blog. You can click here to download some great superhero word bubble art that would look great on your food table or on balloons around your party area.


As a fuss free activity for kids, you could set up a craft table utilising the world of free printable colouring in sheets and puzzles from Marvel Kids. Featuring all your favourite Marvel superheroes, if you print a selection of these activities off and arrange with a range of pens and crayons, you'll have some easy (and free) entertainment for your party that kids can take home with them when they're done. If your child prefers the characters from DC Comics, then their site also has some great printables, just click here to view.


For superhero games, just think of some of the popular party games for kids and adapt them to suit this theme. Here's some inspiration for you:

Pin the mask on the superhero - a switch on the pin the tail on the donkey.
Pose like a superhero - a bit like musical statues, but when the music stops they just have to strike a super hero pose and freeze. First person to move is out.
Superman Says (based on Simon Says). An adult plays the role of the commanding Superman (costume optional), and issues kids with orders, saying the phrase, 'Superman says jump up in the air', and the kids must follow the order. If the adult simply says 'jump in the air' and the kids jump, then they are out, because Superman didn't tell them to. It's a simple game but kids seem to love it.


An easy way to theme your food, is to use regular kids party food but just to label your food creatively to get your guests excited. Here are some ideas:

Green jelly can easily be mistaken for Incredible Hulk Slush, or Kryptonite juice or you could colour your jelly red to make it a great snack for Iron Man.
Colored popcorn - in line with your theme.

Fairy bread - but only using the colour sprinkles of your favourite hero or heroine. You can get single colour sprinkles in the cake aisle at many supermarkets.

You could use a batman shaped cutter to make superhero shaped sandwiches.

Sugar cookies in the shape of lightning flashes (easy) or you could cut into circles and decorate with superhero emblems (tricky).

Coloured popcorn is a cheap and easy party snack, and can be made in your choice of colour to match your theme. There's a great recipe coral here if you want to make your own.

The Cake

Depending on your baking abilities, there are so many options for producing a cake fit for a superhero. If your baking skills are a little rusty, you could simply opt for colour coordinated cupcakes. There are some great superhero cupcake toppers out there, such as these ones below from Made It, a great website selling handmade items online.

Toppers for cookies or cupcakes from Made It

For the creative, and culinary blessed cake creators out there, some great ideas and inspiration can be found at Coolest Birthday Cakes.

Photo: Jackie H, http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com

Have you held a superhero party? How did you bring it all together. Share your ideas and photos through the comment box

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