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Spending quality time with our kids

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
In this fast paced and demanding world, we are often found providing excuses to our friends and family about the lack of time that we get to spend with our loving kids. And I agree that itís true to a certain extent. But at the same time, I must add that, if we really intend to do so, we would definitely be able to find a way out. All it would take is some effort and a little bit of planning.

Our kids are in a way our reflection. They follow us all the time and respond in much the same fashion as we normally do to them. And they are the ones who would make us forget our stress at workplace. The extra time that we spend with our kids shall definitely bear rich dividends. The most important aspect as per me would be that it would enable us to maintain an honest and open means of communication with our kids. This would provide us with an opportunity to nurture their habits and even teach them manners.

It is extremely essential for us to win the trust of your kids so that they can fall back on us anytime to share their problems and also to let you know what they really need.

There could be numerous other benefits which I can think of, when we interact more with our kids. The kids would feel loved and shall not feel lonely. Otherwise, they would rather tend to get less social and would rather prefer to spend their time on computer games or on internet.

As parents, it is imperative on us to boost the confidence of the kids from a real young age, understand their true interests and play our part our kids realize their true potential.

There are a lot of good ways of spending our time with kids, such as -
a) Plan an outstation trip- We would be forced out of our work and can keep our entire focus on our kids.

b) Take them to a nearby park on a regular basis. We can add fun element to the routine by mixing up the activities. Cycling on one day, maybe a game of football or cricket on another or maybe just running around the garden with them.

c) Watch their favourite cartoon movie with them and discuss it with them.
d) Volunteer to drop and/or pick them up from their school or from their activity classes. I have noticed that the kids feel happy and even proud to be accompanied by their parents.

e) Eat along with your kid. Not only will you get a chance to bond along with them, but it would also help in keeping a watch on their diet and nutrition.
f) Read them a bed time story.

To sum it up, in our daily routine, we tend to let the materialistic things like wealth or maybe even a successful career to take precedence over our kids. In my view, we must ensure that we do not even miss a single day of the fun of their childhood. After all, those would be the memories which we would cherish for our lifetime.

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This is a really great article Radhika with some great ideas for bonding with kids too. Thank you.
by Lucy
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