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Risky Business of Shopping for Your Kids

by GabbyDI (follow)
Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques
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Buying kids clothes can be much more demanding than buying something for yourself. Firstly, clothing for children can be quite overpriced (considering the fact they’ll outgrow it in just one season). Secondly, at certain age, your kids develop their own sense of fashion (whether you like it or not) and have more demands than usual. Coping with those problems is not easy, but it is not impossible either. By shopping wisely, you can save a lot of money. And by giving your children some sort of “fashion education”, you’ll save a lot of nerves. We’ll give you a few tips on how to do that, and hopefully, make your life significantly easier.

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“Fashion Education”

Children under the age of 5 don’t care what they’ll wear and let alone if the colors are coordinated. Kids over 5 are starting to develop their preferences and have opinions of their own about sizes, colors and models. The best way to teach them about fashion is to make them involved into the shopping process, as stressful as it might sound. Kids don’t understand money, so you have to stir them the right way. For instance, once they start learning numbers, make a game out of it. Tell them to find two t-shirts and three pants with the number on price tag lower than 20, 30, 50 or whatever your limits are.

Of Season Sales

One way to save money on kids’ clothes is buying on of season sales. On the end of some season you can find significant discounts on quality pieces. You just need to know what and when to look for. The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time when you’ll come across swimwear sale , while at the end of winter months; you should search for sweaters and jackets. Keep in mind, that when you are shopping for clothes of season, you shouldn’t chase for trends. The whole endeavor will be a lot easier if you make a list of what your child needs for the next season.

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Shop and Resell

This is a useful advice, especially in the early years, when the kids outgrow clothes in just few months. There are a lot of consignment stores (even online sites) where you can buy clothes and sell your own. When selling, the retailers will take commission on the sold items. By selling used clothes, you are not only earning money, you are also relieving the storage space of clutter. When shopping in consignment stores, search for reliable brands, you know that are of good quality and will last for some time.

Buy Quality Clothes and Take Care of It

On some things, you simply must spend more money. Those are the items that are planned to last, such as winter coats, jeans and boots. Longevity should be the factor that influences the most on your choice, when it comes to those items. Price is secondary. Once you invest in such quality pieces, you should take good care of them so they could last longer. Divide your kids’ clothing into play clothes and fancy clothes. Place clothes is the one they’ll wear when playing outside, while fancy, is for school and special occasions.

If you keep kids’ clothing expenses on some responsible level, you’ll not only save money, but teach them that responsibility.

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