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Quick Tip #1 - How to Calm Down When the Kids Drive you Crazy

by dadof2 (follow)
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Being a Dad of two enthusiastic young boys is a definite blessing, but one that comes with a host of trials and tribulations too. There are times when mixing a hectic work schedule and parenting doesn't go to plan, and the heady mix of sleep deprivation, over active kids and insufficient caffeine definitely delivers some below par parenting where my discipline can venture into the ‘yelling’ territory which I think has very little impact on the situation except to get everyone upset leaving me knowing that I could likely have handled it better.

Kids will be kids, but that doesn’t always mean you have to shout Photo Stockimages, Freedigitalphotos.net

If you’ve had a day when the kids are driving you up the wall, sometimes I find that it’s not the kids that need a time out, it’s actually the parent. Next time you find that you’ve ventured into a yelling meltdown (you, not the kids), head away from your kids, and give yourself a time out. Make a coffee, take some deep breaths, just get yourself out of the situation and ask yourself what are you really shouting about. Are you yelling because the kids are being too loud? Are you shouting because the kids are just being well, kids? Do you need to shout at the kids? Is that what is warranted, or is that just your own frustrations coming out? Shouting at a child, I am sure absolutely has its place, but so does a little bit of quiet contemplation to keep things a little calmer and rationalise your response.

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