Creating An Inviting Bedding Arrangement For All Seasons

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I live in a very strange place, at least according to most of the world. I am a citizen of Provo, Utah, a small college town near Brigham Young University. What makes it such an unusual place to so many when they come here to visit? Definitely the weather.

You see, in the summer it reaches up to 38 C on its hottest days. On especially bitter nights we can hit as much as -15 C. Our seasons in between can vary wildly and there is no set time when the temperature may go up or down. Plenty of Utahns have stories of freezing cold days in the end of spring, or sweltering afternoons in December.

As you can imagine, trying to plan certain things around those yoyoing extremes is hard. Bedding is probably the hardest. How do you create a comfortable, seasonally appropriate bed when you never know whether you need flannel sheets or a light cotton blanket? Especially when you are also decorating for the holiday season?

Having faced this dilemma for years I have a few tips that might help, no matter where you live.

Get a Clean Mattress
This has so much more to do with a comfortable bed than you might think. I like to get my mattress professionally cleaned once a year for the sake of protecting against mites and allergens. It will give you more faith in the protective sheets you choose for your bed.

When In Doubt, Keep Sheets Light
A lot of people will get thick flannel sheets for the winter but I have always found this to be overkill. Plus you have to store and not use them for half the year. Lighter sheets are actually appropriate for cold seasons as long as you take care when choosing other covers.

Layer, Layer, Layer
Here is the most important part: layers. On your bed you should have a light and high quality fitted sheet, a matching top sheet, a lighter blanket made of a material that traps heat moderately well (think something like a sherpa blanket), then a comforter/duvet. You may also want to have a quilt on hand. Why all the layers? Because it can be peeled back when not needed, or added on when it is. Each layer is the next level of protection against the heat or cold.

Season Proof Your Whole Family’s Beds
This is one of the best things you can do for your family and their quality of sleep. Kids have trouble getting to dreamland at night? It could easily be a simple matter of the wrong bedding. Your own sleep may also be suffering. So as we enter into a new year, make it a new style of bedding, as well!

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