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Christmas, Easter, and birthdays do not have to be the only occasions for your kids to receive gifts from their friends and parents. Getting something small on a seemingly insignificant occasion will make their day, and if you manage to surprise them with something great, they will be hyped over it for weeks and even months. If your kids love Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, and other sci-fi movies and TV shows, surprise them with these cool gifts.

Bedtime sci-fi

After spending the day pretending they were heroes who should save the world, save the princess, save the galaxy, and defeat the Sith lord, they will be ready to go to bed. But the fun doesn’t stop there – they will probably dream about their favourite movies and TV shows, and you can help them fall asleep faster by giving them great pyjamas and bedding. Choose the ones they like best: Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Wars pyjamas for little warrior, or bedding sets with different planets or spaceships.

‘Real’ hoverboard

Whoever saw ‘Back to the Future’ wanted desperately to have a hoverboard and fly around the neighbourhood. Sadly, the scientists have not yet been able to invent ‘flying skateboard’, but there is the next best thing: futuristic self balancing scooter which will make your kids feel like they’re flying through the streets. It is incredibly easy to use, since you have to lean forward if you want to go forward, and lean backwards if you want to stop or go backwards, and that is it. They will rock the streets and be able to fight evil from this amazing hoverboard.

Their cup of tea

For their morning routine of drinking hot cocoa, tea, or plain orange juice, they should have a cup of their own. And is there a better cup than disappearing mugs which can make them feel like they are holding a magical item in their hands? When you pour hot liquid in the cup, the image changes: Tardis disappears and reappears in another place, lightsabers light up, and night sky changes to reveal Aurora Borealis. They are not old enough yet to drink coffee, but they will definitely treasure this sup until they are and then happily sip their morning coffee out of it years from now.

Sphero BB-8 droid

To everyone’s joy, Star Wars movie came out in December, but the hype is strong with this one, and millions of kids and grow ups from all over the world still love to talk about it. Luckily, you can now have the real piece of Star Wars in your home: sphero BB-8 droid mini-robot you can control via smartphone and feel like a true master of the Force. Or if you don’t feel like it, you can let it explore the room on its own.

If you have a little sci-fi geek in your home there will be no greater joy than having them unpack these gifts and watching as their eyes light up with pure joy. This way you will also let them know that you support their love and passion, and encourage them to be themselves, and not hide it from the world.

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