Does Santa Snore

by dan.p (follow)
We wanted to know if Santa snores and we could go on an exhibition to the North Pole and ask ask him but this sounded a little to extreme so we have decided to review him and determine if we think he snores. Before we begin our assessment of Santa we had to make some assumptions to his habits. After we made these assumptions we started looking at the typical courses for snoring and came up with this:

Does Santa Snore
Does Santa Snore

Through our analysis we saw that Santa was a high risk patient. There are a number of things that he can do to prevent snoring; these I will be attaching to my Christmas list for Mrs Claws. Some of these simple ways to reduce snoring are:
Eat smaller meal right before bedtime
Exercise and eat more healthy
Reduce or eliminate alcohol, especially close to bedtime

By doing these Santa will be at far less risk of snoring and giving him and Mrs Claws a better night sleep. He will also be more alert and less forgetful for your next wish list.

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