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New Mum Seeking a Job

by Sodapop (follow)
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Are you looking after your baby and going back to work?
Perhaps you've started to remember how it was at work, meeting new people every week, going to meetings and don't forget dress ups and the Friday drinks.

mum's bag is ready for an interview
Mum is going for a job

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on a career because I had my first baby at 24 when all of my friends were just starting their careers. Now they are all managers and I am stuck with a minimal wage Administration position.

When I started realising that I may not be able to face my colleagues and continue working for the minimum wage (knowing it wouldn't even cover the childcare costs) I thought of looking elsewhere and after doing so, can confirm that it is not an easy task.

Interviews and Mummyhood

I started my search for work, by going on one or two interviews at 9 am. I knew that each interview would be more difficult than the other because I didn't know whether to reveal to the recruitment agencies that I was on maternity leave or just tell them I am still currently working. I have heard of friends telling them the situation and they have not gotten a job until they stopped sharing that information.

By the third interview I could honestly say that I wish these interviews were in the afternoon as my baby didn't help me at all by waking up a few times in the night and when I would finally get back to bed, off the alarm would go, and I have to get ready for the interview. This perhaps, is like a sneak peak of the near future when I do find the job I am looking for.

When you are a new mum and you are on maternity leave you will always feel like you need to prove yourself more than any other candidate demonstrating that you can handle anything coming at you. Staying in my current position would mean that I'd have to constantly prove myself 24/7 and I feel that is some sort of discrimination. As a woman in a organisation run by men, you suddenly become a time ticking bomb, when you have one baby they always look at you as if you are running to have more children even if that is not the case at all!

mum's bag is ready for an interview
Dead give-away, take the dummy out the bag!

So this is my decision, to look for a new job and to get a fresh start.

How to prepare yourself for an interview?

Step 1- when you go to an interview even though you may think you have a huge sign on your forehead that says you are a mum, you don't, so that stress should automatically diminish.

Step 2- you probably forgot that nobody wears heels all the way from home to their place of work, so don't torture yourself, just bring a bag big enough and stuff your heels in there and put them on just before your interview.

Step 3- have some fun with it, instead of thinking how many bottles you have to wash and how many clothes you have to put on the line when you get back, think about it as free time. On the journey to the interview learn a bit more about the company you are being interviewed for or even just use the time to relax and gather your thoughts because with baby brain, you might end up mumbling too much information that is absolutely unnecessary and fail at the attempt of getting the job.

Step 4 - Remember the first interviews you ever went to, and the things that you have learnt from those. Stand up straight and use that voice! When you shake hands...don't forget to literally hold the hand tight enough for a shake. A droopy shake can form the basis of the first judgement made of you.

Step 5 - You are a mum yes, but for this one time that you leave the house, brush your hair and put some make up on. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself.

Step 6 - One thing for mums never to forget, when you are going to an interview, you will probably arrive early because you no longer remember how long it takes to get there, but when you do on that free time do not go shopping! Remember all you buy you have to carry and when you go to an interview having a lot of shopping bags looks absolutely horrible. Your hands will only be free for your handbag, for a resume copy for the person that is interviewing you and a copy for yourself in case your mind goes absolutely blank and may be some notes about the company.

mum's bag is ready for an interview
Don't forget to take the toys out

With these tips you will be able to get through the interview and fingers crossed may be even get the job!

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