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Lovingly wrapping: Why should you swaddle and how to do it

by melis (follow)
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Once your baby is born, you want to protect it from everything. If you could wrap all the love and caring of the world around the apple of your eye, you would. Since that is not quite possible, there is a different kind of wrapping out there and it’s called swaddling. It is a technique that mimics the cosines of the womb, so your baby can feel as safe and comfortable as it was feeling in your belly. Studies have shown that swaddling can help a baby sleep more and better. However, this is a technique that has to be done properly to keep your baby’s safety at a high level.

The art of snuggly wrapping

It’s no secret that babies crave for warmth and coziness, that’s why they love so much when you hold them against your body. But you can’t always provide them with the feeling of safety that way. What can you do then? You can snuggly wrap your baby in a blanket, in order to make it calm down and enjoy the feeling of love and protection. It also decreases the risk of SIDS, because swaddled babies sleep on their back. It’s recommendable to stop swaddling by day once your baby is 1 month old, and to stop it completely when it turns 2 months.

Swaddled newborn sleeping
Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landworth/

Safety comes first

If you choose to swaddle your baby, the most important is to do it properly. Improper swaddling may lead to hip dysplasia . That happens when you wrap the blanket tightly your baby’s legs straight down, that may loosen the joints and damage the hips. To prevent this make sure that your baby has enough space at the bottom of the blanket.

Best tools for the job

Like with all the other stuff in life, if you want something be done properly, you’ll need the best tools for doing it. In this case, your tool is swaddling blanket. It should be bigger than a regular receiving blanket. Sometimes, the larger they get the easier is to swaddle. You can choose from variety of products, luckily today there is a whole industry dedicated to making parent’s life simpler, and babies life safer. Speaking of easier, if you think as yourself as “clumsy-handed”, there are simpler ways in the form of swaddling bags, such as Bubbaroo baby swaddles.

Step by step

You’ve probably had a lesson in this technique before you left the hospital, nowadays it’s normal. But it can hurt if you have a memory refresher. There are different kinds of swaddling, but today we’ll focus on the classic one.

1. Lay the blanket on a flat surface, and fold it in a diamond shape.
2. Lay your baby face up on the blanket , placing its head at the edge of a folded corner.
3. Hold your baby on one place and pick up one corner of the blanket.
4. Bring the blanket across your baby’s body and then, tuck it beneath it.
5. Fold the bottom corner of the blanket up. Make sure you leave enough room for baby’s feet to be able to move.
6. Complete the swaddle by bringing the loose corner of the blanket across your baby’s body, and tuck it beneath your baby.
7. Only the neck and the head remain exposed.

It’s a wrap!

Once your little darling has reached that revolutionary stadium when it can roll over by itself, you’ll know it’s time to stop the wrapping. Baby will outgrow the need for swaddling, around 2-6 months of age. Then it will start to move more in its sleep, and wrapping it tightly may only create discomfort. In some time you’ll remember with tenderness how your child was the cutest little “burrito” protected from everything, and you’ll be proud to see the progress he/she has made.

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