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How will your child cope in the work force

by P M (follow)
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It seems that as humans we always feel that it is much more gratifying to associate ourselves with those of a specificly advanced ability and are of a certain character. We find it difficult in this advanced day and age, to associate ourselves or at times tolerate those who are less capable, particularly in the work force. The work force has historically been described as a world of survival in (most cases), whereby eager individuals compete and fight their way up their way up the pyramid of heirarchy. However, what does that mean for the less capable individuals who may not necessarily fit into the most capable or competitive enployee range but certainly do deserve a fair chance at employment.

Customer service is more prominant than ever in todays society, whereby a major point of focus is ensuring that customers receive a pleasant impression of the business / company while the employee sells them that "good image". For that reason, to be able to provide customers with such experience, one must act and speak a certain way. There is where society is falling short, because we are not all the same. Thus, it should not be assumed that less capable individuals cannot provide a good customer service experience in their own way. We as customers also need to tolerate people who's knowledge, backgroumd and performance may differ to ours. We must ensure that our children grow up with peace of mind, knowing that so long as they strive to achieve well, and their heart is in what they chose to do, they will be offered an opportunity to succeed.

I experienced a closely linked scenario as I had come across a rather unusual sales assistant at Spotlight the other day. Her extremely monotonous thick voice and confused character disclosed the fact that she might not be typically the most popular little helper around the place. For a second I took a glance around trying to grab another helper as I had immediately assumed that she will be keeping me in Spotlight for another hour until she can correctly assist me. As impatient as I was trying to find the item I needed, the assistant by the name of Kristine, was running around me trying to grab me the best bargains and assist with every detail needed, while secretly explaining to me how the manager had been trying everything to prove that Kristine is not ‘quite right’ to work at Spotlight. “I’m a genius you know”, repeated Kristine as she clarified how she’s been ditching every attempt of them finding an inexcusable reason to fire her. At that point, I felt the heat while thinking to myself, we judge too easily by image and first impression and are not patient enough to understand and accept a slightly different type of service. We are accustomed to everything having to sound and look perfect - and the minute it doesn’t, we feel obliged to turn our backs on it, fearing that we are being associated with the less capable, which selfishly stands as a danger to our personal overall image.

However, who decides on which kind of people are allowed to work? After having a one on one deep discussion with Kristine as she hovered around the aisles to find me the best deal, I realized that society was never destined to be perfect and it isn’t. For that reason, it is quite difficult to understand why one must be near “perfect” to fit a job requirement as though less capable individuals do not exist. Or is it that we have been programmed by the bourgeoisie society to believe that they don’t exist or at least ignore their existence and value?

How will a parent deal with knowing that their less progressive and incapable child might be bluntly cut out of the workforce simply because they do not fit the superficial requirements of “customer service” – speaking certain words in a certain tone and looking a certain way. I believe that as a society we need to acknowledge the fact that we must cater for a diversity of individuals, even if that means to find that extra patience when someone like Kristine is serving, rather than rushing to the nearest cashier to grab a feedback card to talk down the assistant for serving you a tad differently to the traditional way.

The concern is whether the market should be catering for merely the perfect workers or should they tone it down with their unrealistic approach to focus more on the overall nature of society. This leads us to question whether customer service should be that perfect or are we, by doing that, cutting off the other percent of society that is less “perfect”, yet still deserve a fair chance of employment.

What will make a more suitable work environment for your child in the future?

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