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Good Security Habits to Teach Your Kids

by Nathan (follow)
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Due to the hustle and bustle that we go through daily to make ends meet, protecting our children every single moment of the day is a daunting task and nearly impossible. It is, therefore, important to teach your kids some security habits that will keep them safe.

1. Teach Them How to Lock the Door Properly

If your children are of age, then you can show them how they can lock and unlock a deadbolt. Teach them how it works and let them know the benefit of security as well as locking the door. Teach them how to use the different locks in the house.

A great idea is to let them be in charge of locking their bedroom window. Doing this will give them a sense of responsibility.

2. Teach Them Not To Answer the Phone Or Door Without An Adult

If you have given your kids the permission to respond to the phone or door, then you need to teach them some habits to keep them safe. Whenever they pick up the phone while you are not around, teach them to get the personís name and phone number. Your child should not reveal their name, phone number or address to the caller. Also, teach them not to let the caller know that their parents are not at home.

When answering the door, ensure that they speak to the person through the door without opening it (especially if they are home alone). They should get the details of the visitor without revealing that their parents are not at home. You can install a peephole in your door so that your kids can see who the visitor is. If the person refuses to leave, teach your kids to call the police.

3. Teach Your Kids How To Handle Emergencies

You should always be prepared for emergencies, whether you are at home or away. Assuming there wonít be an emergency is a grievous mistake.

On a piece of paper, pen down emergency numbers like your mobile number as well as the 000 emergency line. The paper should be kept near the phone every time. Teach your kids how to use these emergency contact numbers. If you child is old enough to have their own phone, make sure you add the numbers to his or her mobile phone.

A great idea is to also get involved in your local neighbourhood watch for added security

4. Teach Them How To Use An Alarm

Alarms are one of the essential security tools that you need in your home. If you don't have one, I recommend getting one installed by a local locksmith.

Teach your kids how to activate and deactivate an alarm. Come up with a passcode that they can quickly memorize. Teach them to always turn on the alarm before leaving home or when they are going to bed.

5. Teach Your Kids About Online Safety

The incorporation of technology into our daily lives makes it important to teach kids about proper online safety and security. Teach them not to share their information online to prevent home burglaries and problematic situations. If you are going on holidays, donít let everyone know. Sharing your information online about upcoming trips can give burglars a go-ahead to invade your house while you are away.

By keeping your home security up to date and following these simple habits, youíll feel much more at peace while your kids are safe at home. You can try everything within your power to protect your kids from threats, but this will amount to nothing if they good security habits themselves. It might take time before they get a full grasp of these habits, however, it will be beneficial to them in the long run.

What habits are you teaching your kids to ensure they are safe and secure while they are home alone? Weíll love to hear from you.

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