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Going Back to the Workplace

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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On average women take off 2 years for every child that they have. Many women, especially skilled women, feel scared that they will not be accepted back into the workplace after taking too long off with kids.

Attribution: Pixabay - White77

Here is some advice that has helped many women returning to the workplace:

Just apply

Many women have taken some time off from work and returned to the workplace, so don't be scared to apply, no one is going to penalise you for your time off.

Call your old job up

Most job opportunities are found through connections. The moment you are thinking of returning to work you should call your old manager or company.

Attribution: Pixabay - geralt

Maybe you just want to make sure you can get a reference, but there is no harm is asking if there are any opportunities there or whether they know anyone who is looking.

Part-time opportunities

Many women find it far more convenient to transition back to the workplace through part-time opportunities. These are highly competitive so many women will accept lower responsibilities in a part-time roll simply because it is part-time. The main advantage is that it makes an easy transition back to the workplace.


One of the best ways back to work is to up-skill. I have helped many parents of young children develop computer skills as part of their personal development plan to return to the workplace.

Attribution: Pixabay - tpsdave

The more ambitious head off to university to get the degree that they have always wanted and this can mean an even better job than the one they left.

Start a business

Did you know that businesses started by women are more likely to succeed than those started by men. I believe that part of the reason for this is that women grow their business organically while looking after their kids.

Attribution: Pixabay

It often starts as a hobby, something flexible to keep themselves busy, but it often grows from there.

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Really good tips here, particularly calling an old work place. Adding to that, perhaps even asking friends if they know of any job opportunities going in their work place?
Excellent tips. I am studying to go back to work in a totally different field to accommodate the timings my children will be at school. For business, your partner has to be supportive of the idea as starting a business often involves space within the home or people visiting the home (and the partner may not be up to this invasion of space/privacy). But overall, yes, women do give up a great deal of their life to have children. Hats off to all moms out there. You are doing a terrific job.
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