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Getting Your Immunity Back After Giving Birth

by roxana (follow)
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Having a baby is not all about getting back to your old self in a matter of days after giving birth. You have noticed that you are have been having some hard time shedding those couple of extra pounds and getting your skin as glowing and elastic as it once was. It is the same with your immunity which needs a boost as soon as now!

It is not an easy task to regain the health you had prior to having a child. Along with a weakened immune system there comes a risk of potential illnesses, especially viruses and bacteria so you need to take care of your health immediately after birth in order to be healthy both for your own sake and the sake of your baby.


After giving birth hormones are wild once again and you experience a lot of emotional changes. You seem to overreact to almost anything but seem to do nothing to fight against it. Take up some postpartum exercise. It will do wonders to your body and mind. In a matter of weeks you will be your old self with a balanced level of hormones. Your body will be grateful as you will build leaner muscles and improve your postures as you practice yoga. Yoga will soothe your body and mind and you will easily let go of all the newly found anxiety.
Apart from exercising you should get back to doing activities you once enjoyed as they will make you more relaxed and lower fluctuations in your mood. Take some time to do an old hobby and soon you will experience a lot of relief.


Thyroid gland can get affected during pregnancy which leads to hyper or hypothyroidism. This all manifests in having some extra pounds or shedding weight unexpectedly, having emotional swings and hyperactivity or fatigue. You should eat right for fighting against this. Go for food rich in iodine and selenium. Seafood, yogurt and eggs is what you need to boost the levels of iodine in your body. Mushrooms, tofu, oysters, salmon and lamb are great for increasing selenium levels. However, this all may be hard to stick to and you should choose Fusion Health in order to give your body a healthy boost of vitamins and minerals it is craving for.


What you need to get your immunity back is increase the hormone of happiness – endorphin by laughing. Laughter is known to boost immunity so invite a couple of friends over for a fun night of series watching and laugh as much as you can. You will decrease the stress levels and be your truly self once again in no time.


In order to improve your immunity you should grab items rich in antioxidants. Green tea with ginger are great both for your skin and unwinding. You will soon be relaxed and brimming with energy to endure another night without sleep and keep up with your baby’s chaotic rhythm. There are a lot of healthy recipes online for creating smoothies rich in antioxidants. Choose the one with turmeric and have an energy boost after you have tasted oranges, Granny Smith apples, turmeric, ginger and lemon with mint. A total boost your body needs!
It is not easy to get your immunity back after having a child and you should embark on embracing some healthy habits as soon as you can. Go for doing some exercise such as yoga that will decrease your stress levels and keep you fit in a short time span. Provide your body with vitamins it needs and grab some drinks with antioxidants and let all your worries disappear as the immunity gets back!

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