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Baby Bjorn High Back Potty Seat

by SupahAnnie (follow)
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My toddler is potty training. At first we brought him the cheap potty seat that attaches to the adult toilet seat but, these are tiny. You can find very cheap ones in Target, Kmart, Big W or even your local $2 shop. Our little one isn't that little he is about 16 kgs and tall. Not only was he very uncomfortable on the seat but to lift him up there really hurt my back.

Potty, potty seat, toilet, toilet training, potty training, wee, pee, poo, bathroom, no nappies
Image source: Baby Bjorn Website

I then looked into getting the little ladders that attach to your toilet for the child to climb up on but after researching these I discovered a lot of parents and their children felt that they were unstable and that they had to hold onto it whilst the child sat there. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? Lets face it if a child is scared of it, feels uncomfortable, or unstable then the toilet training will fail.

So I admitted defeat and decided that I would have to get an actual stand alone potty seat. The options are endless and a lot of the cheap ones looked great online but when I went to the shops they were tiny especially for little boys if you get what I mean!! I didn't want to pay a lot for it, I mean its just a thing for him to poo and wee in right? But I have to tell you this is a case of, you get what you pay for.

Potty, potty seat, toilet, toilet training, potty training, wee, pee, poo, bathroom, no nappies
Image source: Baby Bjorn Website

They come with cartoon characters on them, musical sounds, flushing sounds, voices, flashing lights, fancy buttons etc, basically any bells and whistles that you could imagine. But do we really need it to talk, to makes sounds, to flash and pretend flush? I just wanted it to be comfortable and do its job.

I ended up getting a potty seat fit for a King! It doesn't talk, it doesn't make noises, cheer or light up, enough of his toys do that anyway and this is serious business not a toy. It's called a Baby Bjorn high back potty seat, we bought it from Baby Kingdom and it is the best!

It is comfortable, it has the highest back I could find and the highest front to prevent spills and leaks. It also has a removable dish for easy cleanups and comes in various colours. We chose the white as we wanted it to not stand out. It does have a really cute little picture of a teddy on it, that is the Baby Bjorn logo.

Potty, potty seat, toilet, toilet training, potty training, wee, pee, poo, bathroom, no nappies
Image source: Baby Bjorn Website

I love it as soon as we got home with our new purchase my toddler was super excited and did something straight away on it. It is far more comfortable than many potty's on the market. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is potty training!

Potty, potty seat, toilet, toilet training, potty training, wee, pee, poo, bathroom, no nappies

The only con is the price it was just under $50. I know this seems a lot but boy it is worth it. As I said before you get what you pay for! My advice is to see it for yourself in person before you buy online.

Do your kids use this potty seat? If not which one do your kids use? What one would you recommend to others and why?

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