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Are there things parents should teach rather than schools?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Increasingly in the news, I hear criticism about schools, and the things they should be teaching children. They keep adding things to the list, such as healthy eating, brushing your teeth, taxes, first aid, computer coding, and so on. There are only so many hours in a school day, so how can they possibly keep adding more to the curriculum without sacrificing the core subjects already being taught?

Do you think governments and parents are expecting too much of schools in terms of education? Aren't there some things that parents should be teaching rather than schools, or do you think it is right that schools should be covering more and more things?

What do you think should be taught by schools, and what do you think should be taught by parents? Is there an in between, where you think it is up to the parent to provide extra curricular tuition rather than rely on the school?

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While I think things such as computer coding are important to be taught to future generations of children, but tooth brushing is really the parents' responsibility, and schools should not be pressured into adding that kind of thing to the curriculum. As for healthy eating, I think schools can do this by integrating the learning into classes like biology, only serving healthy foods for lunch, putting up awareness posters, and addressing the issue in assembly. I don't think classes dedicated completely to a healthy lifestyle should be implemented as it takes up too much time from the time table.
My friend in Wales couldn't believe what her 4 year old was being taught at school.....all basics like teeth brushing and eating and all of more importance than reading and writing. When she questioned it she was told the school had to cater for the life needs of children not just their educational ones. I'm sorry....but I really feel this is the parents role and there needs to be improvements in this area. I don't see much evidence of this in Australia but maybe this is because kids start school a little later. I understand the health benefits and importance of life skills such as dental hygiene but I'm not sure why this makes it into the curriculum. Could a better option not be optional classes after school for parents who struggle in these areas?
I completely agree with you, Helen.
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