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Adorable flower girls that will keep your smile

by emma. (follow)
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Flower girls
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The innocence of a child is what everyone of us needs in our lives, and to see it on an important and touching event such as wedding can bring tears to the eyes of everyone present. Little steps, carefully measured and practiced in advance, the look of shear concentration on that beautiful little face, and immense pride that she has been given such an important task will make any little flower girl feel like the most important person in the world.

Being a little lady

The younger they are, the more practice more practice they need for the big day, and when youíre looking at them walking down that isle all strong, focused, and a bit afraid, you canít help but smile. Older flower girls can easily stand near the altar, but the little ones will most often sit with their parents and do their best to keep calm. The youngest ones can sometimes look at the crowd and try to find their motherís reassuring smile, but even if they start crying in the middle of the walk and drop their flower basket, everyoneís hearts will be melted.

The perfect walk

Sometimes, you can see the flower girls murmuring the magical Ďone peanut butter, two peanut buttersÖí mantra that their mother taught them beforehand. By saying this, they are actually counting to know how long to wait before they take the next step. Mothers usually go through so much troubles trying to prepare their little girls for months in advance to walk nicely and throw the right amount of flower petals before the bride comes along (sometimes it can happen that the girls take only one or two petals, or throw in excitement the whole basket of them right away).

The dress

Stylista & Co

There is not a single person watching the little princesses walk down the aisle who can stay immune to the charms of perfectly dressed little flower girl. No matter if they are wearing miniature copies of brideís own dress, sequenced and feathered sleeveless dress, or an elegant girlís formal wear piece elegant girlís formal wear piece, you can see how they think their dresses look pretty, and how happy they are to be able to wear something so elegant and glamorous.

The picture of charm

Watching little ladies with lovely locks, intricate braids, and wreaths of babyís breath in their silky hair will make you think straightaway of an idyllic family movie about little girls running the endless fields of flowers, playing happily. They can wear little flower balls, beautifully decorated flower baskets, and can even blow bubbles instead of sprinkling petals. No matter what they do and how they act, they will be approached later on at the reception by different people who will want to congratulate her on a job well done.

It doesnít matter if the flower girl doesnít do her duties perfectly, older girls will be just fine, and even if the little ones donít even make it to the end of the isle, or get confused and start crying Ė no one will hold it against them. After all, they have had such an exciting day that itís only natural to get tired and feel the need to hug momma.

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