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5 Games You Can Play To Distract Kids When You Go Shopping

by helenonthesofa (follow)
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Grocery shopping is a bit of a necessary evil. You need food in the house to cook meals, but it can be a bit of chore to go and get all the groceries, especially if you've got multiple kids with you. Whilst shopping with kids can be fun, it can also lead to boredom where kids can become unruly or poor tempered. Here are a few ideas for games that can distract your kids whilst shopping; something to keep up your sleeve if boredom strikes.

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1. Eye Spy - If your child is learning or already knows their alphabet, then this is a great one for when you are out and about wandering the grocery aisles. There are all sorts of things you can try to find in shops.

2. Trolley Talk - When your child is in the trolley, they are at a perfect height for eye contact and talking to you. Engage them with a story that you know they like and recite it to them. Ask them regular questions to keep them engaged such as, 'and what do you think happens next', 'do you know what the monster did' etc. Yes, you might get some funny looks, but if it's not your child kicking off, who cares.

3. Find the Number... - Similar to eye spy, you are asking your child to try and find certain numbers. The grocery store is a perfect place to play a numbers sighting game as aisles are numbered, products have prices etc. You'll get them looking high and low for different numbers and this absolutely keeps them occupied.

4. Ask Them To Help - Show the child that you are working your way through a shopping list, and dependent upon their age, you could ask them to check off items for you, or if they aren't old enough for penmanship, then ask them to simply hold the list and help you find the items on it. They'll genuinely feel like they are helping you, and moreover, because they can visually see that you are making progress with the list, they know that the shopping expedition is coming to an end. Part of a helpers duties can also include putting things into the trolley, or counting items of fruit and vegetables into bags.

5. Find Me Sticker Chart - Again, this one is age dependent, but the super prepared amongst you can prepare a picture chart with every day grocery items on the chart, and every time your child spots one of the items on the list, you can put a sticker next to it. Simple rewards but it can keep a child very engaged.

If all else fails, you can always order your groceries online.

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