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5 birthday party ideas for girls

by GabbyDI (follow)
Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques
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Just a few heads-ups before we start brainstorming ideas! Often you will have a problem figuring out who you should call and how many people should be on the party. One thing is certain Ė if your little girl attended some other girlís party, it is expected from you to return the favor. Most of us do so, but if you are not certain how close your child actually wants to be with this particular guest, try arranging a play date, or simply talk to your child. Donít insist on something that might spoil the party

Another thing that you should pay attention to is how much fun the guests are actually going to have. You have to keep the girls entertained and occupied, and if you were planning on throwing an extravagant party, with elegant dťcor and whatnot, please donít.

Throw a party for your little oneís enjoyment, not to show off your class to parents, thatís simply dull and tedious, donít be that kind of a parent.
So if you need an inspiration on how to make a party exciting for the girls in the age of 4 to 10, here is a list of five ever favorite choices that you canít go wrong with.

A Tea Party

Girls are simply more mature than boys, and this is a fact. They grow up sooner, they develop fast, and most of them love to imitate and mimic the grownups. A tea party is a great theme idea for that matter, and you can keep everything relatively simple and still provide the kids with a pleasant experience. The only thing that you need is a set, and matching decorations. As far as activities go, they will love playing musical chairs, for instance, or you can make jewelry all together and give the kids something they can bring home instead of a goodie bag.

A Princess Party

Every girl is a princess, and there is no better choice for a party theme than this one. You can make the invitations in the same manner, invite the other princesses for the crowning of your little girl, and have the decorations on the walls as a castle would have. You can find a princess that will accompany them and keep them entertained at your Fairy Princess Partie. By hiring a party animator you will have a chance for a time-off yourself and some extra time to prepare the cake and treats.

A Slumber Party

If your little one already has a circle of friends she likes to hang out with, this idea will certainly be very popular. You can make it even more fun by building an inside camping site, and have the whole group in the circle, telling stories. This is a somewhat personal party, and it will strengthen the bond between kids, you can certainly remember your childhood sleepover parties and how exciting they were.

A Hello Kitty Party

An ever popular choice, and if you have any doubts - Hello Kitty is the way out. For the younger crowd this is something familiar and funny, cute and delightful, so have a matching cake and pink decorations. There are really too many choices for decorations and plates, probably even in a store nearby, but do check with your child if she would enjoy this. Itís bound to get old sooner or later.

A Disney Party

We loved Disney movies, your girl probably loves them as well, and at this moment the cartoon Frozen is very popular. This is a no-brainer, you can easily find ďFrozenĒ party supplies and order a cake in the same manner. You can get creative yourself, and this is the fun part. Find recipes that will match the theme, make snowballs, jello ďiceĒ cubes and such.

The most important thing is to have fun, so listen to your child needs and wishes and do whatever you can to honor them. This is her special day, make her feel that way.

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